OT.....Potty training troubles.

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OT.....Potty training troubles.

My ds is 3, he's been potty trained since he was around 1 1/2 yr old. He did it pretty much himself, he wanted to be like his big sister....well about the last 2 months he's been peeing EVERYWHERE and the last 2 weeks he's even been pooping in his pants? I know that many people think it's because I'm pg, and the baby...and yeah that maybe some of it but I just don't get it! It seems like he's just to busy or involved to stop what he's doing and GO! He throws a huge fit when I make him stop and go..and honestly I'm done stressing over it. I decided tonight after JUST TELLING him to GO PEE he followed me into his closet, I turned around to see him holding himself and pee flying EVERYWHERE all over clean clothes, baby clothes everything. we are going back to diapers after nearly 1 1/2 yrs of being done with them (except night time) My nerves can't take it anymore and honestly it's causing a lot of resentment toward him from me. I know that sounds horrible...... thanks for letting me vent ladies, I feel like a pretty lousy momma right now.

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I think you're doing the right thing by putting him back in diapers. But, on the off chance that something is wrong, have you asked him if it hurts to pee? Maybe he has a UTI?

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yeah, and he says no.....but I'm calling the dr on Monday just to be sure. I actually saw his pedi tonight at the movies, and talked with her a bit...but didn't want to hound her with all this on her off time lol

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Eh, I don't think you should put him back in diapers. If he has totally been potty trained for 1 and half years now, there may be an underlying problem and there is totally no reason to back-track, especially with a new baby on the way. I know it's frustrating but I would go back to reminding him every 30 mins. or so to go. He may have held it longer than normal oneday, or a few times in a row, and got into the mind-set that he can hold it longer than he really can... I would take a deep breath, remind him more often, and remember he's a child, he isn't doing this on purpose at that age. Smile I have a three year old who has been potty trained for about as long and we have have great days and bad days. Usually on our bad days, she is tired, sick, or moody. We don't have poopy accidents anymore but she can be awful about the pee ones.

I also found this on a website:

Regression in toileting: Sometimes a children who are fully toilet trained will begin to have many accidents.
Evaluate changes that have occurred and what information or additional supports may help your child feel comfortable
again. Some reasons regression may occur are after an illness, after a parent has been away, after a move, after starting
school, after a baby has been born, or when going to the bathroom has been painful. Your child may be in a situation
where he doesn’t have the skills to tell someone he needs to go and holds it too long. His supports may not be in place.
Sometimes at school there is something about the environment or the schedule that is causing problems for your child.
Go back to all the original supports that worked and put them back into your child’s life while reassuring your child that
he/she can and will succeed.

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I agree with what Becca said. And I don't know that I would go back to diapers.

Has there been any other changes in the home besides the new baby?

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Wow, that would be frustrating.

I have no advice. I have been potty training my DD and she has been regressing recently. She was at the point were there were no accidents but at night. It is really frustrating especially since her big thing now is to go in her pants and then pull them off and say acky. When she goes #2 she usually has it all over the place before I get to her. Hugh.

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well I'd just like to update that for 2 full days now my lil' man has been accident FREEEEEE!!!!!! woot woot!!!!! I think that I was over reacting and he was trying too hard to make it and make momma happy.... I just had a matter of fact talk with him and told him that it was gross, makes the house stink, and I was tired of cleaning up pee all the time and that if he wanted to go back to diapers we would and he could let me know when he was ready to be a big boy. and that's all it took! Smile

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that's awesome news. congrats!!

DS1 had been completely night time trained (well 95%) and totally regressed at night after DS2 was born. we're now batting 50/50 for dry or wet, but we've set a goal 14 nights (length of time for a habit to form) of dry pull-ups= new underwear. he's got his eyes set on choo-choo ones. Sigh...i hope he hurry's up. he's 4.5 and he's growing out of his undies. LOL!! i guess eventually i'll just have to get the tidey whitey ones like Daddy wears. Biggrin

just a side track note to say they all regress. Hugs, you're doing great Momma!