Over Due Check in! (rants welcome lol)

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Over Due Check in! (rants welcome lol)

Ok, here is another place for over due moms to rant... lol! Since theres 4 of us now!! Ugh. But everyone is welcome to post/comment as usual Wink

Hows Everyone feeling?!

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So heres my rant.

Someone asked me today if I had a gut feeling about anything - like when hes coming. Honestly, I think I'll still have no progress by Tues at my appt and then on Thurs the 11th I'll end up with a Csec... after all the back and forth we've done on it. I just feel like its inevitable. and baby isnt really showing signs of anything otherwise! Part of me is upset about it, and wants to do the natural (or at least naturally starting) labor, but part of me is accepting and has already decided the 11th will be his day. And I'm pretty convinced he will be 9 + lbs.

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Don't give up yet. Give that boy a stern talking to! I'm rooting for you to have a nice easy vaginal birth.
I'm technically not "overdue" until midnight tonight (or midnight tomorrow night by my OBs date I found out). I don't have much to rant about other than just being so emotional and grouchy. I really don't mind being overdue. But my hormones are in overdrive and I'm afraid all the comments at church tomorrow morning will make me have a meltdown.

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Well, I'm not overdue but I do have rants so here I go!

Besides just feeling like I'm ready to be done and over with, I'm very frustrated with DH. First of all, I was watching A Baby Story or something of the like and the woman on the show was acting crazy. I mean crazy. Anyway, he makes this comment to me "I'm sure glad you and I didn't have to go through that because I would have laughed at you if you'd acted like that." Like I said, the woman was being pretty redicilous but it just pissed me off so bad!! I know that if I were in that much pain I wouldn't care what I acted like in order to get me through the pain but for him to make a comment like that just really pissed me off.

Then, a little over a month ago we were laying in bed and he was trying to start something with me. I was explaining to him that I didn't feel like doing anything because of how uncomfortable I was. To make a long story short he get pissed at me because I said I wasn't being affectionate lately etc. etc. Since then (and even before then) nothing has changed. He never comes up to just hug me or kiss me. He NEVER and I mean NEVER comments on how I look. I feel like he just made that comment to get some! I just feel like the only time he's affectionate with me is when he wants some. I very rarely ask him to do something for me like rub my feet or something but occasionally I'll ask him to rub my back. Not like a massage just as we're laying in bed to rub his hand over my back. These last several months when I ask him to do it he says it's awkward for him because I can't lay on my stomach. Are you serious??

Anyway, that's my rant. I'm feeling pissy right now and I really want to have it out with him about this but it's 2:15 in the morning and he's asleep. Grrrr

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five days and counting here-- and now i am definately counting! i, too, think this baby will be over 9 lbs. having TONS of pesky 9 min. apart contractions that won't get any freaking closer! UGH! they are having me come in mon. while the birth center is closed to try and move the baby (they think he's posterior still and i prolly either got him to move the other day and he moved back or he never got out the position) but either way, they think that's what's causing the slow progression. I'M TIRED! i'm tired of being on all fours trying to get this baby to move, i'm tired of walking, i'm tired of how much my belly is hanging down and hurting, i'm tired of people asking me why i haven't had my baby yet (like i'm chosing to be pregnant this long), i'm tired of saying i hope the baby comes today and somebody saying, no, i have to work that day or it's not conveniant for me that day (then screw that, sorry, not about you or your schedule at this point, never was), and most of all, i'm tired of having regular contractions that just don't go anywhere or get a little bit closer and a little bit stronger and then die off-- they are such a tease!