Pain in my side

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Pain in my side

Today around noon I was moving around in my office and as I sat down I suddenly had a sharp pain in my right side. Almost like a pulling type of feeling. It wasnt a BH feeling thats for sure.
Anyway, I sat for a bit and it went away, and I thought maybe I had moved the wrong way or something. So then an hour later I was just sitting at my desk and I started getting them again. It wasnt as bad, but it was a pulling/cramping kind of feeling in my right side again.

Any ideas what this is? I dont have any other issues (spotting, etc). baby is still moving around lots so I'm not too worried. I just wonder what it is. I still feel a bit of cramping now and then on that side. Nothing too painful anymore.

I think I might have just overdone it this week and Its telling me to slow down for the weekend.

On the plus side of things, we bought a house this week! Officially yesterday we closed it. We move the end of June. Yikes! Moving at 35 weeks. lol... Am I crazy? (Not that I'm planning on doing much, I'll be the supervisor. "ok Dear, move that a bit to the left... no, the right... yep, a little more..." lol)

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Congrats on the house... thats big news! I hope its everything you wanted and your move goes smooth. I moved two weeks after my c-section and it was hard not to actually do the stuff myself, but fun to be the "supervisor". Sorry about the pains, but couldn't it be the round ligament stuff? Glad the baby is moving and like you said I wouldn't worry as long as baby is moving and no blood.

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How far up is the pain? Could it just be baby pushing on something wrong? I get pain under the ribs from this LO because she is so high already. Sounds like maybe you just over did it and your body is protesting.
Congrats on the house!!!! That's very exciting. Smile

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I get something like that all the time and MW has assured me it's RLP. The baby can even stretch in there and cause me to get it!
Congrats on the house though! How exciting!

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No clue what that could be. It it keeps up, you might just mention at your next appointment.

WTG on the new house!! Are you a first time home buyer? I have a feeling once this LO comes, we'll quickly outgrow out "starter home".

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congrats on the house! I'm jealous. DH and I were driving around yesterday and I was lamenting... I just want a house. He brought me back to reality that if we bought a house here we'd be here for 20+ years and he knows I don't want that. lol I will instead live vicariously through you. Smile

I have that type of painful pulling on one side too. My left. I've never had any other issues, just like you - so I attribute it to RLP. Double check with your dr on the next visit though.

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:party: Congratulations on purchasing a home. I really want to move....badly. But DH said that it would be too much too soon with the baby coming and wants to wait maybe another year.

I get the same pains when I over do it. So that might be it. But I would ask the doctor about it.

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Congrats on the new house!!!

I have the same pain occasionally on my left side. It hurts bad. Sad

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Ive had doc says its most likely RLP's and not to worry. It depends on how the baby is laying as to where those suckers hit you!