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I swear this boy is getting stronger by the minute! His kicks and stuff are becoming so much stronger and even downright painful. I never had this with DS. He moved a lot but it was never really painful and he rarely woke me up at night. Not so much with this one. My ribs are starting to hurt (never had with DS) and today while I was getting gas he was kicking me so hard down in my lower belly, it almost took my breath away! He's going to be killing me by the time he's fully baked! I'm also starting to feel like I can't catch my breath. I had this with DS but not till the very end. Geez.....9 more weeks.....9 more weeks..... :help1:

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I'm with ya. It's not painful but the little girl who found her home in my pelvis long ago decided to try and find out what each bone, muscle, nerve, etc was near her home last night/this am. 4 in the morning and she was going to town. I swear I was telling her she didn't have to poke/kick everything in her way! The only painful part is when the boy's head gets up under my ribs, ugh. And it makes me nauseous when they start moving right under my belly after I've eaten, blech. I just keep repeating "we can do this, we can do this, we can do this!"

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I can only imagine what it's like with 3 in there! The rib pain is the worst! I had it horribly with DS and this time too. We're getting so close ladies....hang in there!

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*lurk from July*

I know exactly what you mean. My DD moved a ton but it was never really painful. This baby seriously causes me to stop and gasp sometimes with his crazy movements. He seems to like to "stretch out" as much as possible causing a rogue heel to pop out of my side which is the WORST. Not to mention he has his hands & head down low and I get popped in the bladder/cervix frequently. If it makes you feel any better, it hasn't gotten any more painful over the last few weeks, just more of the same. Hang in there! I know that I'll still miss it when he's out Smile

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Ucky! I feel for ya.... I will push on my belly to try to change baby's positioning when that happens but it doesn't always work. Sad YOu can always hold it over his head when he's 16. Smile

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I was kind of sad that I do not feel much but right now I think I am glad. I hope he lets up soon and gives you some relief.

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Ladies you are not alone. I swear the farther along I get the more she moves and the painful it gets. I get kicked in the bladder and cervix quite often. Her newest thing is to ball up on my right side causing my belly to look crooked.

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Oh man right there with you! The ribs hurt sooo bad! And she will not move from the right side! At least she could put her butt on the other side and give my right one a break! She is head down and in position and everything, but im on the smaller side, so she is right on top of them Sad Praying relief comes for all of us sooN!

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Oy! I was right there with ya a couple weeks ago! This little lady isn't nearly as active as her brother was but she seems to have a skill for finding the EXACT same spot to push on everytime she moves. Our first was a super active guy and would always hurt. This time its just the one spot and it seems like she's moved over a little so its not bad now.

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"Jessica." wrote:

Ucky! I feel for ya.... I will push on my belly to try to change baby's positioning when that happens but it doesn't always work. SadYOu can always hold it over his head when he's 16. Smile

LOL This reminds me of "paying back" our puppy last summer. She would go bananas in the am about 4-5 thinking it was play time when I was thinking it was sleep time (silly me). Every once in a while she would be sound asleep in the afternoon and I would just shake her, poke her, get all excited around her just to get her back. Of course she just looked at me like I was crazy as she closed her eyes again...but I guess it made me feel better. haha.

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I'm right here with all of you. This little girl does something on my right side where I swear I think she is going to bust through. It hurts!! I have to admit it is reassuring when she does move, but can she wait until I wake up?

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It does seem forever away when we are in pain....

but we are getting closer every day