Pictures Thread! week of Oct 9

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Pictures Thread! week of Oct 9

I love seeing the pics of all our babies!!! Keep them coming ladies!!

This week lets see pics of baby and immediate family (other than you!) Ideas: baby and daddy, baby and siblings, baby and pets, etc.

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This is Lily & her great-aunt who came all the way from France to meet her.

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My sister is a SAHM and also babysits other children.
Her son Jack, my two boys Ben & Will, my other nephew Charlie, and my best friends son who's two weeks younger then my son Will. She earns every penny! But this pic says it all!

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Great Grandma

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Sorry, i couldnt just pick one

Kendra staring at her daddy

Another of her and her daddy

Kendra and her big sister during the first Steelers game all decked out