The Pioneer Woman!

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The Pioneer Woman!

I know some of you like myself follow the Pioneer Woman so I thought I'd share this. If you don't follow her, I highly recommend you do!!

She's getting her own cooking show on the Food Network!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

I am SOOOOOO excited about this! I only hope her cooking show is as good as her blog. And if you've never heard of The Pioneer woman, here's a link to her blog. She's the mother of 4 who lives on a ranch in the northern part of my home state of Oklahoma. Besides cooking she also homeschool and her blog has other fun stuff. Go check her out! Her recipes are awesome and have never let me down. What I really llike is her step by step pictures.

Here's a like to her blog

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that is really cool. i hope her shows are as animated and as full of personality as her blog.

the only thing i've tried so far is the Marlboro Man sandwich the pinoneer woman version (so its got peppers and mushrooms and cheese) and OMG was it amazing!

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She is really interesting! It's so cool how she's come from being a rancher's wife to a celebrity of sorts. Awesome she's got her own show!

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So i click on the link and literally, the first thing i see is "knock you naked brownies". mmmm k, you have MY attention LOL

I've heard of you tlaking about her recipes but never checked her out myself. now i think i will. and im a big fan of food network too Smile

Thanks for sharing.