Is it possible... (head engagement)

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Is it possible... (head engagement)

... that if I had one baby at 40 weeks, 1 day (went into labor on my own on my EDD) and one baby induced at 40 weeks 4 days (prolly would have gone into labor on my own within the next 3 days) that I could have this one earlier than 40 weeks? I'm asking b/c I have just gotten beyond uncomfy the past few days. I'm pretty sure he's fully engaged-- my hips are killing me! I literally can barely walk, especially by the end of the day and that's with taking it easy and sitting down as much as possible. Along with that, I'm getting near constant cervi. head-butts. But what has me the most worried is the near constant pressure I'm having in my bum-- it feels like it does when you need to push the baby out, maybe not that strong but there is definately pressure there, like maybe I need to go poop but I don't need to (btw, tmi, I don't need to go, that chlorophyll and blood builders takes care of that for me). Is this head engagement? My other's heads didn't engage until labor I don't think, they were low but never engaged until I actually went into good labor.

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I have the same pressure down low and it concerns me as well. Today when I was checked in L&D the nurse was surprised by how the baby was right there even though I was closed. The dr said that was normal with twins as there is no where to go. I assume that means that one of the baby's heads is engaged.

If you have questions about it, I would call and talk to your dr. I don't think any baby is predictable. It is very real this one could come earlier than the others.

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I would definitely think it's possible. Sounds to me like he's really down there. My DD was that way and I had so much pressure the last few weeks. I would fall asleep in bed with my butt up in the air in the knee-chest position trying to relieve the pressure. If he's that engaged already, I would guess you'd go earlier. I'm sure your MW will have some good insight into it if you're concerned about him being too early.

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Ug. Sorry walking is so uncomfy. Sounds about right with your discussions on contractions & low pressure. :confused: keep fluids up that's for sure. You know being a mom of active young children you may be speeding things up just with your everyday routine?

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It totally sounds like he is engaged to me! Smile Not to be Debbie Downer though, my DD was fully engaged at 27 weeks, and she didn't decide to grace this world until 40 weeks, 5 days. So early engagement does not necessarily = early baby. This baby fully engaged a few weeks ago as well, so I'm there with you in the pressure department. And secretly hoping he wants to come a week early. Wink

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That's a question that would be hard for me to answer.. seeing I been having the same issues your having for about 2 months now and I don't usually get till about 35/36wks.

Right now its so hard for me to walk move, get up and yes i walk like a duck , according to DH . thanks to him , this has been going on for 2 months now and its just worse now.
So i'm a bit confused with whats going on with me.

Oh I started feeling ( Im going to guess her shoulders) rubbing against my pelvic bone.. So i'm assuming she has moved down a bit.

At this point you never know with these babies. So unpredictable

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I have no idea, but I'm having the same hip problems and pressure in my butt (as well as the contractions!) My DD was breech for a long time until just a few days before delivery and she never engaged period (c-sec bc of it) so I never had this pressure last time.

Funny story Smile I told DH the other day that she was so in my butt I felt like if I farted too hard I would pop her out!

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I have no clue but I hope it isn't too much longer for you!

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"AK2663" wrote:

Funny story Smile I told DH the other day that she was so in my butt I felt like if I farted too hard I would pop her out!

haha, i said the same thing! and that i'm scared to go #2 b/c I'm scared I'll push him out in the toilet! You always hear about these women that didn't know they were in labor and have their babies in the toilet and stuff... it scares me! Smile