Possible induction tomorrow

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Possible induction tomorrow

Well I have been MIA this weekend for good reason. We had our follow up growth U/S on thursday. Well it seems she has gone from the 16th percentile for EFW, down to the 7th percentile! She is only estimating at about 5.5 lbs. And that is only 3/4 of a lb more than 3 weeks before. So something is going on with either my placenta or the cord, and she isnt getting all the nutrients she needs.

I go tomorrow morning to the high risk OB to get a more in depth U/S, and they will be making a recommendation on whether to induce me right away or not. My OB basically said it will happen Monday, or Friday at the latest. They dont want to keep her in past 38 weeks. She needs to come out, and get her boob juice and grow like crazy!!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we go for the U/S and possible induction tomorrow. I will update my Birthbuddy and let her know what is going on as soon as I know myself! (Be on the lookout for my texts Joy :D)

Thanks in advance ladies....ahhh this is so exciting and scary all at the same time! Luckily they have said everytime that she seems as healthy and happy as can be...just too small i guess...But like my mom loves to say (being that she is only 5 foot) "Dynamite comes in small packages!!"

Cant wait to meet my little Payton Smile Mommy already loves you!!

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How exciting! Hope everything goes well. Look forward to an update from you or Joy.

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Oh gosh!! How exciting Smile Can't wait to hear the update!

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Woohoo! I remember the night before my induction - its exciting and scary and nerve wracking! I hope you get some sleep tonight!! (as impossible as it may seem).

KUP! T&Ps for you and baby and if it happens I hope the induction goes well. Good Luck momma!!!

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T&Ps for a good U/S!

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T&Ps. Good luck, I hope all goes well. Keep us posted

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Good Luck!!

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Good Luck!!! T&Ps sent your way.

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Pray all goes well

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Sad Let us know....

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Good luck! Let us know how everything goes! We'll be thinking about you!

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Anyone hear anything yet?!


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I hope you and baby are well, can't wait to hear news. T&P.

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Hope things went well!

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