Pre-op appointment

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Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appiontment today, last one! and the shortest visit yet, in and out in less than 1/2 hour which was nice for once. Everything looks good, I have gained 27 lb this pregnancy, about 8 less than I did with dd, he didn't measure my belly, he said "yep your still just big" yeah thanks for that observation. I know I haven't gotten any bigger or small since last week. Baby's heartrate was 139, which is about what its been.
So its a go for next wednesday, but later than I had hoped, noon Sad I was hoping to get in early. I will keep my fingers crossed that they have an opening earlier.
Kind of funny thing is that he said not to go into labor this weekend cause he is gone, dh I think almost had a heart attack, "what do we do if she does" ahhh!!! lol! :rolleyes: If it happens we just deal with it, no big deal, silly men.

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Sounds like all is good! Glad the appt went well.

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Woohoo! Glad your appt went well.

Silly men indeed. Lol

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So close! You will have a baby this time next week!

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Glad things went well. I'm so excited for you , you're so close!

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hahahaah i love your hubby's comment. too funny.
glad for a great appointment.

can't believe we're going to have another bumblbee so soon!!! Yahoo

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Yay! I'm glad your appointment went well! Not much longer now!!