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After work I went to the supermarket and I think I felt pressure down there as I was walking around. It wasn't really painful just pressure (at least I think it was pressure). I know this can be normal for pg but at what point should I call the doctor? My backs been bothering me too, mainly in the lower portion of my back kind of like a burning sensation.

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I would call and check in with you dr or nurse just to see what they have to say.

The dr yesterday told me to call if I have any lower back pain or discharge.

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Do you know by chance if the baby is all ready engaged? My babies are apparently like their momma and like to be super prepared, so they flip and engage their heads in the "birth canal" super early. (This baby is all ready there...) That gives me a LOT of pressure down there when I walk around too much, and makes my back incredibly sore. Otherwise, it's not an issue other than the uncomfortableness. But if you're worried don't hesitate to call your doc. That's what you're paying them for! Smile

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The pressure has been worse with each pregnancy for me. The ligaments, muscles, and such are stretched out and as baby gets bigger, I feel it more. Like Kilah said, baby could be engaged and causing it too. But if you're at all worried, call your OB. I know what is "normal" pressure for me, but I can't say what is "normal" for you Smile
Hope you feel better!

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I hope you get some answers soon, I wish i knew what to say but i am a first timer. keep us posted.