QOTW! - Easter!

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QOTW! - Easter!

Ok so I thought I'd just do one question for QOTD this week, since it is a long weekend coming up. So its more of a Question of the week...

What are your plans for Easter?! Do you have any traditions? (from either your family or DHs family or one youve started with your own kids?)

Oh, and What is your favorite memory of Easter as a child?

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The Easter Bunny is coming to our house on Saturday because DH has to work and he leaves Saturday night for 4 days. We're doing a basket for Daphne, a small egg hunt at home and then we're going to the Y for a huge egg hunt later in the morning. We don't have family close by, so we won't be having a big dinner or anything.

So it's not by any means my favorite Easter memory, but when I was 6 I woke up Easter morning with a severe case of chicken pox (later, I ended up with them on my eyelids...ew!). I had a really high fever and my mom wouldn't let me outside to hunt for eggs. Luckily, the Easter Bunny came back while I was napping and hid eggs in the house. Wink

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We make a big Easter dinner, just us, my parents and DH's dad. We usually eat and then play scrabble, but this year my brothers wedding is just around the corner so mom and i are making a very funky card box for my SIL. mom shopped for the stuff, so im scared LOL, all i know is i need to whip out my glue gun! another 2 years we wil be doing egg hunts again!

and i am feeling slightly sentimental, this IS babies first major holiday! even if she is cozied up in my tummy. Call me silly, but im excited about that.

I never had holidays or birthdays growing up, so we are pretty laid back with them. for us it is about bringing the family together for some much needed time spent together.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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my favorite memory and one i've continued is having a cake made like a lamb laying in a field. i've still use my Great-grandmother's cast iron mold. Smile

since we've gotten married we've made easter our holiday and family has to come to us, but this year we're going to join them some place "neutral".

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We will be in church this Thursday, Friday, Easter egg hunt and lunch at church Saturday, family dinner at Olive Garden Saturday evening, Easter Sunday church Sunday, and formal family dinner at home with all the traditional Easter foods Sunday afternoon.

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Aww i wish it was a long weekend for me! We dont get Easter as a paid holiday in my office! (One of the disadvantages of working in healthcare!)
Easter has always been a big part of my family tradition...mostly because it is our last name too!!
This year my family and my SO's family are joining forces and going to his brother's for a huge cookout. I will most likely to go church with my parents in the morning. Just not the sunrise service...I canNOT get up that early Smile

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My DH's has a family reunion at the family ranch. Friday before, we all get together and have a fish fry and kick abck with adult beverages (not this year) and laugh and joke around a fire. The rest of the family comes on Saturday. We have a huge Easter egg hunt. It's actually nice to catch up and laugh with everyone. We go to mass that night and go to SIL house for dinner. Love it.

My favorite memory as a child: coming home from church to find two live bunnies in the back yard waiting for us.

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What are your plans for Easter?! Do you have any traditions? (from either your family or DHs family or one youve started with your own kids?)

Plans for this year is food, lol since there are no little ones around we just make dinner. Last night we decorated easter eggs.

Oh, and What is your favorite memory of Easter as a child?

I would have to say the base Easter egg hunt, which was more like what we called a scramble. They broke the kids into two groups, to separate areas, and had tons of eggs real and plastic, and candy spread out in a field so much that every kid got a good haul. lol It is amazing how we kids would descend on the field of goodies. after it was over my parents all ways looked for the missed stuff with me. We did this every year until i was like 12.

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This will be our first Easter together. Hopefully I will be able to attend church on sunday. Im going for sunrise service because the later service will probably be packed. I dont know what we will do afterwards. All of us(my siblings and I) have our own families and my dad no longer has family dinners at his home. He said he has retired from cooking. Lol.

My favorite childhood memory would be coloring eggs the night before and getting to eat them on easter.