Question about breastpumps....

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Question about breastpumps....

Can anyone suggest a good electric one to purchase? I had a manual one with dd1 and all but gave up pumping because I didn't like it. I see so many online and they all have mixed reviews. So I decided to ask the ladies on this board for some advice and input.

Thanks! in advance.

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I have a Medela Pump in Style that I had with DS and plan on using it with this one. It all depends on how often you're going to use it. If you're just going to use it occasionally then you don't need a big fancy one but if you're going to exculsively pump or pump at work then you need a good one. Anything by Medela is really really good. This is the one that I have

You can also purchase used ones online and just purchase new stuff for it. I know several girls from work who did that and it worked out great. One gilr bought a used one and exclusivly pumped for her twins.

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I have a Medela Pump In Style and LOVE it. However, unless it is something you really *need*, i.e., you are going back to work, plan on pumping exclusively, or even just plan on leaving baby a lot and she will need a bottle, I wouldn't spend the money on it. I got mine from a friend, so it wasn't an issue. DD only used, oh, maybe 3 of the bags of about 100 pumped bags of milk ever (and all in sippy cups, she never would take a bottle). Which wasn't an issue since I SAH and cannot bring myself to leave her...ever...

So I would definitely recommend the Medela PIS for anyone who plans on pumping a lot. It's super great. Wink But if it's only occassional, I'd find a cheaper option, personally.

ETA: Save the reciepts from the pump you purchase, milk bags, etc., because those are now all able to come off your taxes when the time comes.

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Lurking** Hope you dont't mind Smile Who told you that you can use breastfeeding items as a tax deduction? That is so interesting! Smile

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Yep, breastfeeding items are now tax deductible thanks to the new health care bill.

Medela pumps are good, but so are Ameda/Lasinoh pumps (they are made by the same company, just have different brand names). They are less expensive, but tend to get equal or better reviews in both Consumer Reports and Baby Bargains. I bought a Lasinoh double electric last time and will use it this time around too. It's a great pump.

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I have the Medela PIS as well and it worked well with DD1. I won't be using it as much this time since I don't work full-time anymore.

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I have a medela PIS too and love it Smile Last time I used my sister's who 4 other women besides myself had used and was 8 years was working fine, but a lil slow and at work it was hard spending 20 minutes or more pumping so I bought a new PIS for this baby (and futures Smile ) hoping it will work a bit faster Smile

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Definitely love my PIS. But it is very pricey. If you are planning on going back to work, it is worth it though. Like Joy mentioned, you might check into the Lansinoh pumps too.

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I too have a PIS, but it's an older version that I bought off of a friend of a friend. as long as you get new tubing it's all sterile. and the new tubing works for the older model too. But I do agree with others it just all depends on how much you plan on pumping as to what "grade" of pump you need. for an occasional night out I had one of the walmart cheapies for dd and it did the job just fine.

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Well I will be returning to work full time as soon as my recovery time is up. Wish I could stay at home until she was 6 mos or so. However, I don't see how I will be able to financially. I also don't want DH to feel left out on feedings. I want him to have time to bond as well.

Thanks for the info.

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I am getting the Medela one too!! I have heard great things about it!