Question for moms with kids (esp. toddlers)

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Question for moms with kids (esp. toddlers)

How are you finding holding/hugging your LO and also accomodating a growing belly?

I rock DS to sleep at night - usually only 5 min or so, long enough to tell a story and sing to him. Its been our nightly routine for ages! Its one of the few times I get cuddle time in from a very active boy! Wink
anyway, I'm finding it so hard to hold him lately... last night was a bad night, he was up from 1-3 am, wouldnt settle. I think it was a combo of his cold and his cough and maybe teething and he had a bit of gas for a bit... anyway... sorry for the slight tangent.

When I was holding him last night I was getting cramps in my belly. It hurt! I had to keep putting him down and DH would take him, but then he'd just cry for mommy again. I'm sure if I could have held him longer he would have been back asleep faster than he was... hes been in a mommys boy phase for a few weeks now lol. And last night isnt the first time I've had difficulty holding him. Hes not quite 20 months, but hes the size of most 3yr olds. Hes 34lbs and 35 inches... hes a tall big kid! And having the extra 30 lbs on my belly (either lying against it if hes on my lap or practically sitting on it if hes up on my shoulder) is NOT comfy, and I have a feeling its only going to get worse. He's always been a cuddler when hes tired and getting ready for bed.

Any ideas?

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My dd is the same way, she needs her cuddles before bed! She is still in a crib, so I pulled the rocking chair back into her room and I squeeze her in next to me and we rock that way. That way she isn't leaning or pushing on my belly. I just couldn't do the stand and rock her in my arms thing anymore, and she isn't even as big as your boy!

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Yes, I avoid carrying DD as much as possible. She is very independent - so she doesn't like to be carried or cuddled much.

She will sit with me though in the recliner. I sit to the side and she sits on my lap but to the side with my arm around her. The other way we sit together is - I put up the foot stool and she sits inbetween my legs and she uses my belly as a back/head rest. If she really wants to snuggle - I sit and she faces me with her head on my shoulder. She basically sits on her knees and leans over the belly to rest her head.