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quick hello

I just wanted to say hello Ladies, I am missing everyone here so much.
Lilly is doing great, I hope everyone else is doing well too.
we should just start a chat thread or something to try and get us back.

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i miss chatting with you ladies too. i'm back at work now so i've got "time" to check in and see how everyone is doing.
So glad that Lilly is doing well.
How are you doing?

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I'm here. but sometimes I feel all alone. I get tired of seeing my name all down the right as the last person to post on everything. you all probably don't think i'm for real with how often i can come on here. And I'm sure there are some people throughout the forums that avoid me cause I'm so chatty. Lol

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I am here! I just don't post unless I see a thread started... a chat is a good idea. Smile