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Quick Update

Just a quick update....

I have been thinking of you ladies. I will catch up on all the posts as soon as I can. I hope everything is continuing to go well for everyone. Biggrin

My recovery has been rough. Thank goodness my pregnancy was good because since I have had them I have had nothing but problems. The boys themselves are great little babies. I can't complain about them at all.

My DD who is almost two got a stomach bug about the same time I came home from the hospital. She has had diahera (sp?) and has been throwing up for 5 or 6 days now. I unfortunately got whatever she has had. I can't eat anythng and haven't been able to for days. I also got a lovely rash from head to toe yesterday as well. It itches really bad. My DH hasn't exactly been helpful at night so I am just drained. Trying to take care of two newborns, a sick toddler, recovering from a bad surgery, while being sick myself has been awful to say the least. The last two days my swelling has finally started to go down though, so that is good and my mom is helpinng out watching the boys for me so I can try to get some rest. It is almost impossible to sleep with how sore my stomach is, how much I itch, and my stomach is upset.

I pray sometime soon I will feel like myself again.

I think I need to get everyone packed up and head to the dr. One of the boys also looks like he is starting to get eye infection. It is matted over.

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Oy! I'm so sorry things have been so rough. How terrible to have to deal with everything all at once, on top of still recovering from surgery Sad I hope things turn around for you soon! Nudge that hubs of yours at night and tell him to help out Wink I hope you feel better soon!

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Oh hun thats terrible!!!

Drink Gaterade if you can - it"ll help you stay hydrated with all the vomiting. Even try giving DD some (cut it with water) or try pedialyte (but DS wont touch it so we did gaterade and doc OK-ed it)
We went through that in march with DS and its hell Sad I hope you all feel better soon! BRAT diet for DD, lots of fluids for both of you!
I'm so glad you have your mom helping. Get DH out of bed. if you and kids (one or all of them) are up and miserable he should be too!!! lol Wink Part of parenting. This too will pass soon.

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Thats not what I wanted to hear from you! I was hoping you were recovering at home better after that horrible hospital exp. Please stay hydrated and I hope you get some rest. YIKES.

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That sounds horrible! Are you on an antibiotic? If so, the rash could be from that...allergic rashes to antibiotics usually take awhile (5-7 days) to show up.

I think you should probably go into the doctor...for yourself if not for the baby. I hope you're able to get some rest, mama.

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I am so sorry you are going through this! You poor thing. I'm glad your mom is helping out though.
Thinking and praying for you!

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I'm so sorry your recovery has been so horrible. Sending some T&Ps for you and that you all feel better soon! :bigarmhug:

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good lord woman! Hit the doctor then have your hubs or mom help for awhile so you can rest....otherwise it will take even longer to recover Sad I'm so sorry you are having such a hard time, you are taking me back to mine with DD.

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I second the gatorade too...and Popsicles. My pedi said they are good because of the sugar you need when you arent eating.

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Sorry things been rough for you
Praying for you

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good grief you deserve a break! I have a rash on my belly too so I can totally understand the itching driving you crazy! I hope you get some rest and those kiddos feel better soon!!

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Sorry it's has been so rough on you! Thoughts and prayers to you. Get better!!!

pico83 (not verified)

:bighug: I hope your DD and you feel better soon! I also hope the eye is just a plugged tear duct. All my kids have had those in both eyes and it has always started around 1 week old. It can look terrible. GL!

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So sorry that things have been so rough on you. Keeping you in my prayers. Hope everything gets better real soon.