Quick update and Pic of Orion!

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Quick update and Pic of Orion!

Hi everyone!
I havent had much time to read posts - I'm still working on that! I'll post here and there when I can! Just wanted to say hi and things are going well. I will get to a birth story soon I hope!
I'm doing good, after an eventful first day home.

TMI warning...

As you may remember, I had a bad experience with DS1s birth and needed blood transfusions. This time my hemoglobin is low again. No transfusions needed, but I need to watch it! Anyway, when I got home I had a huge clot and panicked and went back to the hospital to have the bloodwork done again. The nurse told me that if I passed any solid clots they were "bad" ones and the ones that dissolve/are string-y are ones to not worry about. Well, (TMI) I passed a HUGE clot, almost as round as my fist and maybe half as thick. It was solid, like Jello texture... (yes I fished it out of the toilet I was so upset lol) So anyway I was terrified it was something bad. The doc in ER said it was ok, and somehow my bloodcount was HIGHER after it... go figure... anyway, he told me to relax and not be too tense (yep I was a wreck lol). The nice thing is that since the clot my "flow" has been lighter! Sort of like the middle of a period. Anyway, theres my excitement for yesterday. Today has been calmer.

And here is a pic of Orion from last night as a reward for getting through all that Wink
He's a happy boy and I think my milk is starting to come in - the girls HURT! lol.

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He is too cute for words! I'm glad you didn't have all the issues you did last time around. Smile

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He's so adorable!!!

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glad the bleeding is getting lighter
he is sooo cute

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What an adorable little man! He doesn't look like a newborn! Glad you're doing well!

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Glad you are doing well. Congratulations!

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Awww what a cutie!! Clots are scarey but I'm glad yours turned out to be ok!

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Yeah the clotts are kinda icky, and I am sick of the flow... and to think i've got another three weeks of it?? icky. Glad your doing ok though. Im glad you had it checked out, better safe then sorry right? OH and your little Orion is SUCH a cutie Pie!

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Congrats on your little boy! He is precious! Biggrin

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**Lurker from Aug '09**

Congrats Marilyn, he's gorgeous! So glad things worked out better this time around!

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He's soooo handsome!!

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Congrats, he is soooo dang cute. Reminds me a lot of Soren as a baby Smile

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"akpufa" wrote:


Congrats, he is soooo dang cute. Reminds me a lot of Soren as a baby Smile

Yep he looks a lot like Soren did! Biggrin You'd think they were related or something... lol

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He's so cute!!

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He is so adorable!