Random letdown

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Random letdown

As I previously mentioned, I hadn't been letting down and/or hadn't been feeling it. Not Anymore! All day yesterday and today I've been feeling it. And just randomly. I was driving to pickup Alex from preschool and I randomly letdown so I had to walk into MDO/Preschool with wet spots on my shirt as I hadn't been wearing a pads.

I don't remember how long it it took me to stop just randomly letting down.

ETA, my appetite has been crazy! I have more of an appetite now than I ever did while PG with Max. But I've already lost 20 lbs from my weight at the time I delivered. I haven't weighed this in a loooooooooong time. I lost weight while PG so I'm definitely down from my pre-pg weight. Yahoo

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That's awesome about the weight loss! I'm only down 13lbs since the birth. I'd like to lose an additional 30 to make up for what I gained on all the fertility drugs.

I only seem to let down when he's nursing. I never felt it with DD.

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Congrats on losing the weight! Way to go! That must be an incredible feeling.
I gained 35lbs, but am down to about 5 lbs more than I was pre-pregnancy. I guess with a 10+ lb baby and all the swelling, I really didn't have much else. Now my problem will be keeping it off and losing the rest that I want to (another 25+lbs). My appetite is CRAZY when I am BFing and I tend to actually gain a few lbs while the babe is nursing because I overdo it on the food.
I have the random let down a lot too. Such a weird thing. I also tend to let down if I realize it's been more than 2 hours since Cam has nursed. It's like the thought of her nursing gets my body in that mode. With my other two, if I thought of them while I was at work, I would let down. It's amazing how our hormones and emotions are connected.

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Great job on the weight!! I'm also down 20 but have another 25 to go before I'm pre preg size Wink

My appetite is crazy too, I was just telling ppl this the other day! I've been trying to make good healthy choices and found I really like kelloggs brand fiber plus stuff. Never thought I'd say that!

With the letdown, I will have it if she's crying, or my other dd gets upset or I look at them n get sentimental lol the lily pads help bc I can feel the tingle but I can usually stop it or do something about it before I get a wet shirt.

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I have a let down while nursing and have random let downs.
I gained a total of 40 lbs. and I'm down 30 with ten more to go before I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight-- I'd like to lose 25-30 more after that as well.
I don't have much of an appetite and when I do, I rarely can actually finish a meal, lol.