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Random thoughts!

Well I have been having more and more "BH" that have been timable for sometimes up to an hour, but then they quit Sad I'm hoping they are getting things in order in there!

I'm trying NOT to get excited but dh says he's gonna build the wall tonight that we need to get everyone in their right rooms before baby comes!!!! now he's planned to do this for the last 6 months so I'm not holding my breath. We'll see..... BUT I WISH HE WOULD ALREADY!!!!

Also don't know if everyone has Big Lots stores near them or not but today and tomorrow you can get 20% off, and they have a swing that I'm wanting and it will only be 35 bucks. It's called the Fisher price Iglide......I checked out some reviews on it and they wasn't too great? has anyone on here had one? I think for 35 bucks I'm gonna give it a go...what do you think?

Oh and just gonna toss in a quick MIL rant..... She was suppose to buy the swing for us months ago. Well last night at my SIL house she actually asked me about it and I told her I was going today to get one and she gives me a smug look and says " Oh, well I planned on getting it" ugh like when the baby is 6 months old or what???? gotta know my MIL she does this crap ALL the time. Anyway she says "well I'll give you some money to get the one tomorrow and if you don't like it return it and we can order one online" I started to laugh and said "ummm, I don't have time to order one online!!!!" once again w/ her smugness she looks at me like I'm only 4 months pg and I told her " my kids have both LIVED in the swing from like day 1 of life and I'm not bringing home a baby w/ out one." she tried to convince me that you don't put a nb in a swing?! WHAT????? GRRRRR that women....ok I'm done now! lol have a great day everyone!

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Hopefully the BH are doing something down there! I've not had any BH this pg, or with DS's pg.

We do have Big Lot's here but I've already got a baby swing from DS. For $35 bucks though, I'd definitely try it out.

MIL's can be such a PITA! I must admit that I normally get along GREAT with my MIL but she certainly has her moments. She's a teacher and so was watching DS 2 days a week at our house. Twice now she hasn't woken up and therefore made me extremely late for work! Grrrr

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I'd def. try the swing for $35! I may even go see if our's has one even though I've never had luck with them before. Smile

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Sorry you're MIL is being a pain. Yay for BHs though!
I'm not one to buy anything that has poor reviews, but that's just me. I figure for a little more money it's worth it to buy something that has better reviews and will hopefully not have problems.

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BH is no fun. But maybe they will accumulate to be something real and you will get to see your baby a little early. Smile

Sorry about your MIL. I'm definitely happy that my MIL and I don't speakt he same language. Wink But I guess I wouldn't be too worried about having a swing yet either, personally. I can't imagine putting a newborn in one unless it was a cradle type one. Most swings sit pretty up right, which I feel like woudln't be good for their neck? But the cradle ones all look awesome!

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Yay for BH!! Hopefully they'll turn into contractions soon and you can see your little baby!

And I'm sorry about your MIL. Such a pain...especially since its not your mom, so you always have to watch what you say kind of thing. And I'm woth you - our little guy was in the swing from day 1 too, so I def couldn't see being without one!

Oh - and can I just say I LOVE Big Lots? That and Marshall's are like my 2 favorite stores Smile

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Hopefully the BH will turn into something. I haven't had any yet.

And whoo hoo for MILs screwing up our worlds...or at least throwing a kink in the chain of peace and harmony. Ugh, mine is utterly ridiculous. My DH is still upset that on a picture mat that we had people sign for the baby she wrote love and their names instead of grandma and grandpa. I could go on, but why bother. just remember we have the final say in when she gets to see our LO's haha