Really want this baby to come...

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Really want this baby to come...

... this weekend! Hubby goes back to work on Monday and I'm just uneasy about it. He has no cell service there, there is no secretary back in the office yet to go and get him if I call the front office, and he's a hour, ten mins. away. I'm cleaning my house tonight really well and then putting myself on the pump-- any other tips on getting baby to come naturally? I know they won't work unless he's ready and it's ok if he doesn't come this weekend but it sure would be better timing. Smile

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Dtd Smile also u can insert vaginal epo capsules. Supposed to help soften cervix Smile

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Walk, walk, walk, DTD, eat something with lots of oregano. If you get really desperate, you could try some prune juice. I know some people don't think it works, but my L&D friend says she *thinks* it does. Has the same effect as Castor Oil, but not nearly as harsh.
Also, acupressure seemed to stimulate contractions for me. Here's a good site about it.
I personally think that nipple stim has helped me go into labor with each of my previous pregnancies. I hope it works for you!

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Pineapple is supposed to bring on contractions... I think Cassandra said something about oragano & basil at one point... Passing some labor vibes your way. Wink

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Nipple stim and sex are the way to go. Good luck!