registry freak out and?

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registry freak out and?

Okay ladies, so Dh and my mom went with me on Saturday to register at babies R US and I had a total freak out. I had only been in the store once or twice before and had told myself before we went that I wasn't going to, but i did. I was like a deer in the headlights. not to mention having the numb leg issue the whole time.
So after mom and I discovered that I am probably not going to find my dream stroller/pram in any local store, I know I went scanner happy. I know I don't need the pack n play plus the bassinet and that no I don't need twenty bazillion fitted sheets.

The high light was when I was shaking the cribs mom and DH busted out laughing and I said "Well that's what the baby gizmo book says to do" which made me laugh yeah I am sooo a first time mom. Then the best part came after that I had to pee so I tell Dh to pick out a mattress, when I get back mom told me not to freak out "cus your husband just picked the most expensive one in the store." I asked him why and he said" I don't know it looked good and sounded like what our baby would want to sleep on. I didn't look at the price."

I still plan on registering at Target, but mostly fo rthe things i know i want there , and the things i forgot at baby r us.

like a few bottles, Brest pump, and a boppy, plus the swing and bouncy thingy the list I am sure goes on.

So for my question anyone else feel completely overwhelmed by registry or buying baby gear?

Also the stroller issue, I didn't really want a travel system, but I am getting the baby trend car seat, there is a Jogger stroller that is also baby trend and compatible, but it doesn't fold small enough to fit in my trunk.
I do not want a stroller with cheap plastic wheels, a friend of mine went through like 3 strollers in the first 8 months. Once the wheel cracks it is useless. I want a nice one but was hoping for one that worked from birth to toddlerhood.

I am probably doomed since I can not get over the one my mom had for me and she used for her daycare well in to the late 90's, it was and old graco from the 80's and converted several ways from pram style, lying flat with bay facing you to 3 other upright positions and a foot rest that fold up or down and was easy to fold and fit in almost any car. All the fabric came off and could be machine washed.

So any suggestions would be great, but while I was looking online it seems as if there is no all in one in a decent price range, or that didn't have detachable bassinet / seat.

This has me in tears wishing, my mom would have never sold off everything in the day care including my baby stroller.

sorry for the long post.

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We've really liked our Maxi Cosi Foray stroller. We had a Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat that we also liked, that attached to it. That seat also works with Quinny strollers. Great, real tires AND the front wheel locks so you can use it as a jogger. We run with it on a a local trail, as well as the road, and it does great. Daphne is still using it at 2.5. The best part is that you can face the seats either way so that the baby can face you or face out. It also has a serious recline with the big seat...not that my child has EVER fallen asleep in the stroller. Smile

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When I did my baby registry with #1 I was so overwhelmed. I had no idea what I wanted or what was going to work best and there were just too many options! I ended up putting stuff on my registry that I wasn't sure I wanted just to have enough items there. What I learned after DD was born was that things I thought were completely useless (ie wipes warmer) ended up being a lifesaver and things I thought were really important (stroller) I ended up rarely using. Don't open everything you get off your registry and save your receipts. You will most likely change your mind about the things you want!

As for strollers - I can't offer much advice. I started with a Peg Perego Pliko P3 since it was smaller and lightweight but DD hated facing away from us. I bought a used Zooper Boogie jogger off craigslist since it had a reversible seat, but it is not compact at all and very heavy. I finally purchased an Uppa Baby vista which I like but it is quite pricey and a little heavy. It comes with a bassinet for newborns (haven't used this yet) and the seat is reversible but it doesn't lay totally flat. I wore DD most of the time when we were out and about because I hated toting around the stroller.

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im on babies r us and Walmart. i am being picky with the gear that i get. so the big stuff is on babies r us and the more generic stuff that i dont worry about name brand for safety reasons is on Walmart. except the glider that i want, it was cheaper on Walmart lol. im sure there are many things that i forgot, such as sheets! (thanks for the reminder). i have alot of it figured out, but i dont know what im gonna do for a breast pump, i have no idea what bottles to use and im still figuring out if i need a bath system or not. i am just hoping that in time, it will work itself out. when i did my registry, i put on everything, but i am well aware that when the baby shower comes, ppl are going to focus more on clothes, wipes and diapers than anything else. so in the end, my list is my own reminder of what i want lol

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Amazon does registries too. I know some people like shopping in the store but if it's something you can't find in a store near you it might be worth it. Plus on amazon you get to read through reviews of people who have the product, a major bonus when buying baby stuff as a first time mom.

At this point, I'm not overwhelmed but I would hope I wouldn't be after having baby stuff in my house for 7 years Wink I will say that this is baby #4 and whenever I look at cribs I do the 'shake' test. I've seen MANY cribs that just do not feel stable, I'd rather know before I buy since that's a big purchase! Setting it up to find out that it's not stable and then having to take it back down and repackage it to return it would be a major pain. You might be surprised by the pack and play, there are so many convenient uses for them. You could set it up in the living room for daytime naps when they are a newborn, especially helpful when you have a 2 story home and don't want to be climbing up and down stairs while recovering. Lots of people set them up in their rooms too for easier nighttime baby care in those first few weeks. Even with older kids. I love bringing ours when we go to family's houses at what might be nap/bedtimes. We bring ours camping and to hotels. Plus the pack and play we got with DD1 is the one we are still using, I can't name too many baby products that have lasted through all of my kids but that is one of them and it's been one of the most useful too.

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I do remember being overwhelmed with what to buy with DD. It is very difficult for a FTM.

I am much more confident about buying things this time around but there are still some decisions you just cannot make because you don't know what the baby will or won't like when they get here. Like others said - keep reciepts, you really won't know what you need until after the baby gets here.

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Honestly, I'm more overwhelmed now than with our first! I know that sounds crazy, but I know we have some stuff for the baby, but now I have to try and remember what we have, where it is, can we reuse it or should we replace it? We have blankets, but should we get more? Clothes are obviously a must, but should I reuse some of our old onsies even though they were for a boy? They are just going under other clothes. Plus, this is a whole new season, so I wonder if we should get new onsies since it will be summer and she won't always be wearing much over it?

You will absolutely get it, I know its so overwhelming to start from scratch. I know we had to make a couple trips to add things and I added some things online after we got home too.

As far as the stroller goes, we got the stroller and car seat together and they were Graco. We'll use the stroller again since we have another Graco seat that will snap into the stroller...I think. Not sure what we'd do with our little guy in that case. Anyway - I really liked the stroller. It was on the larger side and took up about 1/2 my trunk, but I never really used my trunk anyway. Smile

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DH and I are still trying to figure out where to register, sinc ethere isn't a Babies R Us where our fmaily lives and trying to keep the costs down, so maybe Amazon.

However, when we were looking at nursery furniture at Babies R Us, my DH went to the bathroom and found me in the aisle with the mattress crying my eyes out. He asked what was wrong and my answer was I think I am going to be a bad mommy because I don't know what half this stuff does or if I even need it!!!

I ahve a friend who is going to go with me and show me waht she used. Also there are helpful places on line that tell you what to look for.

I am still overwhelmed though. And I'm sure I'll go scanner happy.