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I'm still crib shopping. I've been checking out random sites to see if I find one I like. Though I will probably get one through babies r us cause I have $150 in gift cards.
But I thought this was just stupid:
~Babies R Us shipping for orders over $75 is free (up to $20) so shipping on the one I want would be $6.
~Walmart shipping is free.
~Target shipping is free for over $50.
and the winner~Kmart found cute crib $99 on good sale. Standard shipping is $90, premium is $179, just for the shipping. :eek: How on earth can they justify that much for shipping?? Whats even more ridiculous is that its about 2 weeks for get it no matter which you choose, so I don't get what "premium" is. What a ripoff.

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wow that is totally nuts. i hope you find a deal soon that suits your needs.

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Wow. That's ridiculous! We still haven't found a crib yet either. But the babe also won't be in the crib first thing, so I'm not too worried...yet.

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Wow! That is crazy!!

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that is beyond lame! Good luck finding the right one.