Rough times

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Rough times


I have been MIA because things have been rough since we left the hospital on Saturday.

They discharged us at about 11:30PM and Lily's bilirubin was at 5.9 and they would not have let us leave if it was 6 so they told us to keep an eye on her and if she got lethargic that could be a problem and be sure to go to pediatrician on Tuesday.

She is a screamer...I mean fit throwing, holding her breath screaming until she was purple and she was horse. We got home about midnight and she was pissed and we were unable to calm her down. Around 4AM I e-mailed the birthing class instructor and let her know that I needed a lactation consultant because on top of the fits she now refused to nurse. Lily did fall asleep right before I e-mailed the instructor and slept until about 8AM.

The lactation consultant came over at about noon that day (Sunday) and said that we were actually doing pretty good...the latch was not perfect but we were doing well.

Sunday night was the same as Saturday and we slept for a few hours.

Monday proved to be more of the same...look at Lily wrong and she threw a fit. Sad We had been feeding her approximately every 3 hours b/c of the jaundice and at 5:30PM Monday went to wake her from her nap to feed her and we could not wake her for about 5 minutes. We decided that this was a bit scary and put her in the car seat (which finally woke her) and came to Phoenix Children's Hospital.

When we got here and they saw the (then again) lethargic 3 day old they rushed to us and started test after test after test. She has terrible veins and the poked the dickens out of our baby as she screamed until she was purple in the face and would literally hold her breath. They put a catheter in her to get urine and told us that b/c they saw the lethargy they were going to keep us for a minimum of 48 hours.

Since we have been here our baby has been tortured (in her mommy's eyes) daily. They had to get blood again on Tuesday and it took 45 minutes of her screaming to finally get an
IV in as the old one (from Monday) had already gone bad b/c of her poor veins.

Yesterday the Dr. informed us that they found a UTI and we will be here for a total of 10 days because the meds have to be done via IV. I about lost my mind about the entire IV thing and the Dr. told us he was having a pic line put in. They had to put her under for that and you run the risk of destroying the vein that is used but they assure us the vein they used is an "extra" one. They also did an U/S on her kidney/bladder area to ensure that it was just a UTI and nothing more serious and that came back with flying colors.

For the most part the nurses are amazing except for one who would not stop trying to wake the finally sleeping baby after 45 minutes of getting poked and screaming. I almost went all Shirley MacLaine on her. I also told them that she will not be our nurse again. We do not need to wake her to feed her or to change her or to check her heart rate...mommy is right here and baby is fine!!

Anyway, keep us in your thoughts and prayers, please and I am sure I will be back more once we are home again.

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Oh no! Poor thing. I COMPLETELY understand the whole getting them stuck and pricked and prodded all the time. Max is in the NICU for about 48 hours and got stuck EVERY time I nursed him to check his blood sugar levels.

Hopefully it is just a UTI and nothing more serious. I'm so sorry she's a screamer etc. Maybe it's because of the UTI?

Hugs to you mommy. Thoughts and prayers to you!

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Oh i am so sorry to hear this! i will definately keep Lily in my prayers!

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Thats terrible!! I hope things get better soon! I will be thinking of you and your little one.

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Oh, I am so sorry, Jessica. I will definitely keep her in my prayers. You are a great mom for recognizing that she needed to be taken to the hospital. I really hope things get easier for you both now that she's on antibiotics.
KUP on how she is doing. BIG HUGS to you and Lily both! :bigarmhug:

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Jessica that sounds tough! I hope things calm down and you get to enjoy your newborn more! Your in my thoughts and sending out a prayer for you and Lily!

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Sad I will be praying for you guys.

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Oh no poor baby
Praying for you guys