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Sorry I've been slightly MIA, we've been sick as all get out here. We all started with a cold about a month ago, mine turned to pneumonia, DD1's turned into sinus infection, DH just kept the cold, and Em's turned out to be a horrible case of RSV that we are still battling almost 3 wks later. She ended up getting an ear infection with it and really bad wheezing. The doc actually had her come in 4 times last week and threatened to put her back in the children's hospital if improvement didn't start since we had already done a wk of neb. treatments and steroids orally and with the neb meds. Thank god Saturday her wheezing was better and shes been better every day since.

DD1 never got rsv, or this bad anyway. Freaked me right out when I heard her wheezing over the monitor!

On the bright side I decided to PT DD1 while I was on T-day break with school (Im a highschool math teacher) and it only took two days! She's been dry since Friday last week Smile

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Ooh geeze yeah, Evie had croup at the beginning of turkey break and I was worried I was gonna have to take her in. But steaming up the bathroom helped enough that she didn't have trouble at all through the night like I was anticipating.

I can only imagine what you have been through this week!!

But kudos on getting DD PT'ed! Yahoo

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Congrats on DD1 being PT. sounds like she was ready.

Scary about the RSV. Glad she's doing better!

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Congrats on potty training!! I think we're going to have to tackle that soon before DS1 loses interest.
DS1 had RSV at 6 weeks and ended up hospitalized with it. It's a nasty virus that's for sure! Hope your DD can get better soon. His lasted quite a while too, I think it was somewhere around 4 weeks? Maybe 5, he was sick for a week before he was hospitalized and then about 3 weeks after he got out. Hopefully since she's a little older hers will subside faster.