she's here!!!!! *updated with birth story*

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she's here!!!!! *updated with birth story*

I had our baby today!!!! successful vbac all is going great, still working on a name though. I will update you ladies when I can on the birth story. She's a WONDERFUL baby so far!

My water broke around 5:22 am on Saturday morning (I thought I peed the bed!) woke up dh, he started to panic lol he hadn't yet packed his bag!!! At this time I wasn't having any contractions. I called a friend of mine to come sit with the kiddos until my MIL who lives farther away could get there. In the mean time both kiddos wake up Sad my ds was SOOOO excited he was pacing the floors just like an expectant father! LOL we gathered our things (or dh did MINE was already in the van) and we back out of the drive..... WHAM! what was that??? dh had backed into my friends van :shock: not much damage, so we're off. Had about an hour drive to hospital made it in 35 minutes.... again no contractions don't know what dh's hurry was?! haha. By now it's 7:00 am I was 3 cm when admitted, 60% and still thick. Contractions was starting but not consistent. I sat on the birth ball, walked around a bit and sat up in the bed. They rechecked me around 8:30ish and I was 4 cm. The anesthesiologist was going into a surgery and wouldn't be out until around 10 ish, I decided to wait it out and hope for the best. kept doing my routine of ball, walk, stand... I had to remain on the monitors since I was VBAC'ing so my "walk area" was pretty small. they checked me again around 11 ish not much change, around 12:30 I was 6 contractions had picked up but still sporadic.... the dr wanted to start a "wiff of pitocin" she called it LOL had my epi to prepare for the pit. It took a bit for any cervical change, had to up the pit slowly but by 5pm I was complete! I had to wait on the dr to finish up surgery really quick. I pushed about 4/5 times and she was out within 5 minutes! Born at 5:22. I could feel ALOT of pressure, and actually felt the birth this time where as w/ ds I felt NOTHING!!! It was kinda neat to feel some of it. She weighed 7 lbs 6ozs 19 inches long just simply beautiful!!!! and so laid back, I'll try to post pics soon...I'm not real good at that, computers baffle me! my dd and ds are just over the moon about her. STILL working on a name, hope to have one pinned down by tonight. Good luck to all those who are waiting to deliver, ELV'S to all of you! and Lot's of sleep vibes to us new mommies!!! LOL

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Congrats!!! I'm so jealous! And so glad you got your VBAC!!!! Hope to hear her name, story and see pics soon!! Welcome baby girl!!!!

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How wonderful! WTTW little girl! Congratulations on your VBAC!

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oh Congrats hon, I can't wait to here more, and see pic's. so happy for you. Yahoo

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Congratulations! And yay for a VBAC! Can't wait to hear more.

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THATS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTG VBACK MOMMY! :udawoman::udawoman::udawoman::udawoman::udawoman::udawoman::udawoman::udawoman:
we need updates soon!

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Dongrats!!! So excited for you. Good luck on a name.

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Congratulations!! Can't wait to see pics!

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YAY! congrats on your VBAC! can't wait to hear details! Smile

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YAY!! Congratutations! i cant wait to hear details on her birth and to see pictures!

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Congrats!! How great! I can't wait to see pics and hear the story!

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Congrats Congrats and Super congrats on your V-BAC
Cant wait to see pictures
take care

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Congratulations! Yay for your VBAC! I cannot wait to see pics and hear what you decide on for her name. Smile

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Wonderful birth story! Congrats on your new little princess!

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Congratulations! I can't wait to see pictures!

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Congratulations!! Great job on the vbac, very amazing.

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YAY on teh VBAC!! COngrats!

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YAY for a VBAC and so cute about your DS pacing. Smile