Shower vent....

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Shower vent....

I was supposed to have my shower this past sunday(May 22) but it was changed due to ppl being busy with high school graduations. So the date is now June 12th. I was planning my own shower since this is my 2nd and didn't feel it necessary to have someone else do it. Well my cousin says to me that she and my sister would take care of it. Nothing has been done apart from getting email addresses to send e-vites(which I think is a waste of time because most ppl don't check their emails everyday). I really didn't want to have a shower after 30 wks because of my condition. So reluctantly I agreed. The 12th is 3 sundays away and no one has been contacted about the shower:mad:. I am not a last minute person. I understand that they have families of their own...but they should have allowed me to continue to plan it myself if they weren't going to follow thru.

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Sorry Sad That is the same day mine is supposed to be and I am on the verge of cancelling it. Same reason, SIL was supposed to help but has done nothing. MIL has offered but she threw my first one (and my bridal shower), I don't want her to feel like she needs to cause her daughter gone wacko.

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Wow sounds like, I am kinda in the dame boat, except that this is my first and my own mom said she would plan it with a family friend. I picked the date of June 18th since i don't want to have it too late either when it is hot miserable. I will be almost 32 weeks then and every time i ask about it my mom gets pissy, I know for a fact she hasn't done anything yet. I would have had invites out already and a location picked out.
I haven't bought much besides some clothing and diapers, and she keeps telling me to wait until after the shower to see what I get and still need. heck I am too tired after one trip to the store now, let alone later on. So yeah I am freaked out about having what i need when baby comes.

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for those of you that registered, you get those little tags or can make them on the PC for where you've registered. might help motivate some if you give those to the organizer and say we've registered and here's where at so you can put them in the invitiations. oh and od you want help its something i can sit and do.
just a thought.

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I'm Sorry and really feel what your saying..
With my 3rd son I got all his needs... But @ 37wks ladies at my church threw me a shower.. WHAT? I had him the next week ... My friend is throwing mine this time June 11th i'll be 32wks and people are asking me why I'm having it so early. It's not early . this is my 4th child and 37wks is way too late to be having a Shower. I rather not do one after 35wks. It gives you no time to get what you didn't get at your shower. its so much going on in june for us i pray she dont want to change the date cause I refuse to have a Shower In july... I just won't have 1 ... My son will be 6 the 1st week, the week after that I'll be 36wks. so if that becomes the case... I'll manage getting all she needs.

With my 1st son a friend of mine waited to the last min @35wks and didn't even say she couldnt do it.. Just would not answer her phone and ducked and dodged... So i had 4wks to get what i needed for my 1st son.. She knew she was not able to throw it .. I hate when people play games.. I was 22 and i needed the help .. Thank God I put money away from Income tax and got all his needs. With out the help of anyone but my mom who got the travel system. i was not married then.

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I hope everything works out for you.

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I am so sorry you are going through that! I know it can make you feel un-special and like they dont care...

I hope things turn around and you have a great shower!

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Thanks ladies:). I think what I am most pissed about is the fact that I told my husband that we should wait until after the shower before we purchased anything weeks ago. I was on him about giving me contact info for his friends and finding out if MIL and SIL could make it here from Connecticut. He followed thru with his part. Yesterday he asked me what did were the things we would need immediately for the baby and started to write a list of things that he plans to purchase and tell his friends about. I can't really blame my sister because she planned my 1st one and her son is graduating next month. Plus he has to report to college in Pittsburgh for football practice by the 18th. I'm mainly upset w/ my cousin. She should have let well enough alone. Ive sent her text msgs asking her to call's always something. So I've just decided to take over again. With this being a high-risk, can go at anytime pg for me, I am in no position to wait. Not to mention I thought it would be a good idea to reserve a room at this really good chinese restaurant(so I wouldn't have to worry about preparing food or not having enough space for ppl and on top of that I had to convince the owner to let me have it on sunday....their busiest day....around 4. He agreed) No one has confirmed it. ARGGGHHHH!!!!!!:mad: The more I talk or think about it the more frustrated I get.