Showers/Sprinkle for 2nd child

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Showers/Sprinkle for 2nd child

DS is 3 1/2 and I have everything from when he was a baby. Since I'm having another boy I didn't think I needed to register or have another shower but people are telling me that I should. They're saying that people are going to want to purchase stuff for this baby and it would be nice to know what to get. I know my work is going to have a shower for me and my mom also wants to have a shower for me as well. There are things we'll need for this baby but not a whole lot.

Who is having registering and/or having a shower for 2nd children?

While we're on the subject of needing new things, we just used Playtex drip ins for DS. I still have all the bottles and nipples but I think I hear somewhere that I should get new nipples. Is that right?

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I am having one. My 1st dd is almost 16. So I need everything. I did a registry at 2 different stores(babies r us and target). Since this is my husbands 1st and alot of his friends are out of state, I figured this would be away for them to participate and show their support. I agree with what others have been telling you. I think you should register and have a shower/sprinkle for this baby. As for the bottles, I would purchase new nipples for fear that they may not work properly.

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Yep, new nipples and liners is all you'll need for the bottles. I think I heard you should replace nipples every 3 months anyways.

I have a registry even with this being #4. I know I'm not getting a shower so it's mainly for me, but also because a lot of stores (BabiesRUs and Target for sure) give you some nice coupons. I just did my registry at BabiesRUs yesterday and I think they said 2 weeks before or after your 'event' date they'll send you a coupon for a percentage off remaining registry items and I know Target does something similar. When I registered at Target with DS the person helping me even said a lot of times people will register for other things just to use the coupon on Lol (kitchen supplies, ect)
I still like having the registries, my amazon one is my main 'me' one, just to remind me of the things I want to get yet. I have some fun things on my BabiesRUs one just in case someone does look but around here it seems like on babies after your first people bring a small gift, usually clothes, to the hospital or the first time they visit you after baby is born.

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this is number 3 for me. My first dd is 5 and I still have a lot of clothes left over from her. BUT I did have to get a new travel system, swing, and bouncer. I would LOVE to have a diaper friends have suggested having me one I just feel kinda weird about it...JMO. If people ask what I need/want I've been telling them diapers and wipes.

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Since we are moving into a new house the end of June, we are thinking of having a BBQ and housewarming sometime the beginning to middle of July ... that might turn into a housewarming/babywarming party and people can bring things for either house or baby... Nothing too fancy though, and it'll be couples and families, not just ladies. IF anyone does ask about baby stuff, it'll be practical things, like diapers/wipes or receiving blankets (I use them for EVERYTHING from a blanket to a burp cloth to a changing pad lol) or a cute outfit that he can wear. I dont need a lot since we have all of our stuff from when DS was born.

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*Lurker from Sept*

My son is 2 and I still have everything from him, though this baby is getting pretty much an entirely new wardrobe since we are having a girl this time, and my Mom and I can't resist shopping all the cute girly stuff! But I requested a diaper/wipe shower if my sister decided to do something and her and my neighbor are going put on the shower. I would much rather go shopping for all the cutesy girl clothes myself instead of having to do all the boring shopping for diapers! Even with my 1st I recieved enough diapers to last him about the 1st 6 months and that was really nice!

I did make a registry at Babies R Us though, for the coupon and for if anyone decides to buy a little something extra besides diapers, because I know a few of my family members will. Also if anyone buys diapers from your registry it goes on your rewards card and counts towards you getting a free box of diapers.

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I haven't made one and I doubt I do. I just feel funny about it.

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"isuche02" wrote:

I haven't made one and I doubt I do. I just feel funny about it.

If I had a friend expecting multiples I would go bonkers getting stuff.. don't feel funny about it at all!!!!!!! Smile

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I did one at babies r us, there are some things I would like to have that I didn't with dd and replacements, like bottles that we need. I also did it cause after the date you give them has passed you get 10% off of whats left, every bit helps.

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"Jessica." wrote:

If I had a friend expecting multiples I would go bonkers getting stuff.. don't feel funny about it at all!!!!!!! Smile

I agree!

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We have a registry at Buy Buy Baby, but I'm not telling anyone about it unless they ask - it's really for me and my mom. I'm not having a shower. That said, we'll have a "meet the baby" BBQ sometime in September, but we'll put a "no gift" message on the invite.

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well this is my first so im obviously having one...but i think you should too!! I think each child should have one! You may not have quite as many items as you need, but you can always use some new cute outfits!! Smile