Sibling gift??

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Sibling gift??

We are going to get DS a gift for when he comes up to the hospital. It's going to be from the new baby to DS. Anyone have any ideas? At first we were going to do a toy or something but now I'm thinking maybe a basket full of little things for him? Like some new crayons, coloring books, puzzles etc that can keep him occupied when I'm busy with the baby or nursing or whatever. Target has all that stuff at the front of the store that is usually $1 each and I thought that would be a good place to get some stuff?? IDK.

Did anyone else do this for their older kiddos?

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Yes, we've been planning on a sibling gift, but haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet. I wanted something that could really be time consuming. Thinking about a nice wooden dollhouse or a train table. We'll see.

I think your idea about a bunch of little things is a good idea. Especially if you only get the basket down when you're nursing. I did an activity bag exchange with about 20 other moms a few months ago and that's how I'm going to use them. That's where each mom prepares 20 identical activity bags (like lacing cards, or stringing beads) and puts them in ziplocs. Then all the moms get together and exchange them so each mom has 20 different self-contained activities. I'm hoping that will help keep DD busy while I'm nursing.

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I saw on either the July or September board someone mentioned something me morable to give as a sibling gift, like for a girl a pair of earing or a necklace but I can't think of anything memorable like that that we could do for DS.

I like the idea of the activity bags.

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I had meant to, but DS is so young I'm not sure it will be memorable. He wont be 2 until the 31st of this month. I realized it was more for me and my guilt... lol ... so I dont have anything for him really...

My mom bought a whole bunch of toy cars for him (he loves cars) and I have them hidden away in a bag. So when people come and baby gets a gift I can hand him a new car, or when I'm nursing and need him to be occupied I'm hoping it'll work.
I guess if he was older then I would do something. What about something like a special stuffed animal?

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oh gosh i completely forgot to work on that side of the equation. the boys made the baby a Build-a-Bear cat on Saturday for their gift to the baby.
when DS2 was born he gave DS1 a bulldozer that moved. DS1 loved it, DS2 was terrified. oops

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Yes we got G a gift from the baby. We just got her two DVD' is Mickey Mouse (whom she has a long standing stalker relationship with lol) and the movie Ants (she likes movies with animals/bugs in them). I figured this way it was something to occupy her where she could still sit and snuggle with me or without me Smile