Similac vs Enfamil - x posted

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Similac vs Enfamil - x posted

The diaper post on the July board got me thinking.

I tried to breastfeed DD but ended up doing the formula thing. I had a hard time finding one I liked for her and I didn't want to change her formula too much. So I thought I would ask any BTDT moms have a preference between these two brands of formula and why? What type of formula did you use from that brand?

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We used Enfamil for DS for the first year. He never had any problems with it. The only problem we ran into is that he got severely constipated from the powder in the first 2 months. We ended up going with the concentrate, which was more expensive than powder, but was very easy to mix with water and he never had any other issues with it.
We used the A+ Enfamil version of it. They did have a 6m+ version, but the doc said it was ok to continue the A+ stuff and with solids he would get some extra so we never bothered with the 6m+ special kind.
Because it worked so well and he was happy and thriving on it, we never considered trying other brands. I'm really of the mindset that if it works and everyone is happy, why change it. The little bit extra cost was worth my peace of mind that he was happy and not backed up.

For what its worth, he never had any food issues or stomach issues. I dont know if it was related, but I think having the same formula allowed his system to build up and become strong, without constantly adapting at a young age to whatever kind we had on hand. Again, this is not research based, but just IMHO. Smile

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I BF'd mainly fo rthe 1st 3 months then supplemented with formula after that. I started out on Enfamil I think but then switched to the Sam's brand, Member's Mark. They have different kinds but I think it was their version of Enfamil. DS did great on it.

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I just started mine out on whatever brand I knew WIC gives.....that way when it was time to buy the "extra" it was the same brand......

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I used the Enfamil Lipil but didn't start formula until DD was about 8 months old. She did great on it but I gradually switched to the Target equivalent about a month later because it was much cheaper. The only reason I used Enfamil is because I had samples from my doctors office that I had used for a few days when DD was just born and I had to have surgery.

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G had formula around 9 months or so I think? We used the free samples of Enfamil from the mail for awhile then switched to BJ's brand that was just like Enfamil... she had no problems with the formula itself, but we did discover that she has severe acid reflux and still takes her meds at 2 for it.

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I don't have much experience with formula but it seems like everyone I know who uses formula uses Good Start. I'd probably talk to your ped about it, maybe see what kind your hospital has available? I get a ton of Enfamil and Good Start coupons whereas I don't ever get any Similac if they are pretty much the same I'd probably go with which one sends the better coupons Lol