Sleep help...?

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Sleep help...?

I need some help with our sleeping situation, I hope you ladies have some ideas for us! So, here is the thing, I KNOW Mikayla can sleep at least 4 hours, and has even gone 5 hours at a time. That is definitely not a problem for her. The issue we are having is that she is sleeping 4 or more hours (consecutively) during the day, and then at night, we are having to feed about every 3, and sometimes even as little as 1.5 hours Sad We've tried to get her up during the day when she is sleeping more than 3 hours at a time for some play time, a diaper and to eat. It doesn't always work...I NEVER thought I'd complain about having a good sleeper, except that she is TOO good of a sleeper and we aren't always able to wake her up. She seems to be sleeping about 4 hours at a time right in a row starting in the afternoon. The second 4-5 hour time starts at about 8 or 9 which means she gets up at about 1 in the morning. This is great, except that our little guy doesn't go to bed until about 8:30 (sometimes even 9) then we want to sit and relax just the two of us a little bit and wind down, and we end up going to bed at about 10 or 10:30. So, we're still waking up in 3 hours. I'd really like to try and push the 4 hour sleeps to later so we're all sleeping that long. Plus, every SINGLE morning, starting at about 4am she starts grunting/groaning for what seems like reality its more like 30 or so minutes, but she doesn't seem to fall back asleep. I can't tell if she is hungry because she doesn't always eat much if we do feed her. Does anybody have any ideas how to get her to sleep more at night than during the day? We've tried to wake her up every 3 hours during the day, but that doesn't always work and we aren't able to actually wake her up completely.

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Well, sleep begets sleep. So maybe just letting her be to sleep during the afternoon? I don't really have any good advice. She's too little really to try and get her onto a sleep schedule. I think you will probably just have to wait it out. I know that's not what you want to hear, especially when you are all ready exhausted. Good luck!

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I responded to ur comment on FB! Smile

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I am in the same boat with Cam. She's sleeps soooo good during the day and is such a good girl, but at night she tends to sleep good the first part, then it's really crappy starting at about 1 am. I keep hoping it will resolve itself. I know "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" has a section on it, but I forgot to bring it with me on vacation.
Like you, I feel bad about complaining about her not being like my other two were (they wouldn't hardly sleep during the day unless they were being held).

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I could have written every word of this. this is kendra's sleep pattern to the letter! i hope you get lots of advise for me to follow too LOL Smile though i must say that the last stretch of the night i keep her in bed with us out of desperation for US to get a few zzz's, and she sleeps really well. part of our problem, i think, is that kendra likes to sleep on her belly, which as we all know, is highly frowned upon. we swore we wouldnt cosleep, but despespation situations call for desperate measures...

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We're kind of in the same situation. I find that him sleeping with us he does better. Max also likes to sleep on his stomach too.

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Thanks ladies! We are still trying to figure out exactly what the deal is. We had one good night 2 nights ago and she did 3.5 the first stretch and then 3 hrs and 3 hrs again. So it worked out since she ate about 1ish, then 4, then 7 which was GREAT! I felt like a new woman...but last night it was kinda the same ole thing again. Ate at 2, up at 4, then fussing at about 5. I think we are going to try and keep her up a little more today? She slept a SOLID 5 hours yesterday and ended up going 6 between eating so I know she's able to do it!

And I know this is not big thing...our first was a TERRIBLE sleeper and was up about every 1.5-2 hours for the first 3 months...except that we are unable to sleep in at all since he gets up about 7 everyday. So, if she fusses and doesn't sleep well the second half of the night, we can't make up for it. And she will go from 7 - 10 almost every morning! Its just those early morning feeds that seem to be a problem Sad

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LADIES! I had that problem. Adrian would sleep alot during the day and at night wake up every 2 hours!. I got NO SLEEP. But finally for some reason at 6 weeks he started sleeping AMAZING. I bought the "miracle blanket" and it helps him sleep. Almost every night he sleeps from 9:30pm-5 or 6am!