sleeping on belly

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sleeping on belly

So at 530 this morning I awoke practically in tears bc of the hip and back/butt pain I'm having btwn the pressure of her head and the sciatic pain....I decided to circle up my snoogle pregnancy pillow and stack others around it making a hole. Then I put my belly in it so it was like sleeping on my stomach and all that weight and most of the pressure was off my hips, butt and back. I actually slept like that for an hour an a half! It was the only time in weeks where I have felt that relief....I may be doing it more often now!

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glad you got some relief and some sleep, i know i feel like such a zombie. I might have to try that too since i am only sleeping very little if at all.

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I am glad you found something that works. I may have to try that tonight.

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Glad you found a way to get some relief!

I wish I had a snoogle pillow or something, my hips are killing me today! I could barely walk when I got out of bed this morning my hips hurt so bad.

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Kaylee that's exactly how I was when I got up to pee! I thought, I gotta do something! Even tho it was only a little more then an hr it took the pressure off enough to make it thru the day....even tho I've been in bed the majority of it!

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Hang in there ladies! it won't be long til you can sleep comfortably again - even if it is for extremely short durations of time. lol

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thats an awesome idea!!! wish I would of thought of that! Smile hope you get some relief soon