slow weekend....

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slow weekend....

the board has been slow this weekend, where I'm at we finally got some much needed warmer weather and my family and I have been soaking in as much as we can!!!! I also know that as happy as I am to see it warm up it kinda makes me get antsy as our lo's will be here in no time! I'm making plans on how to keep cool this summer, probably a lot of time at the park pool, what are your plans?

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Yes, it has been slow!

It's been pretty warm here. We have had quite a few wild fires around the area due to lack of rain. We desperately need rain and unfortunately see none in sight!

The summer here can get very very hot, July and August being the hottest with most days reaching 100+. Definitely NOT looking forward to the heat. We'll stay cool by going to the pool on the weekends and when we're not able to get in the cool water, staying indoors.

We did go to a new church this morning. We've been looking for a new church home and I think we found one! I'm super excited about this as DH and I don't always agree. He was raised Lutheran and I was raised Assembly of God, 2 totally opposite ends of the spectrum but this church is just in the middle and we both feel very comfortable there.

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Hello, I fear summer here in AZ where it is regularly 110+ in the summer. We have already hit 100º and it usually does not let up until almost November these days.

We went to a friend's for dinner and they have a little baby girl and "donated" 2 huge bags of clothes to us. I cannot wait to go through them and see what is there!!

Hope everyone had a good weekend,

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I've just been soooo busy this week (trying to sell our house), I really haven't had much time online at all. I agree that the warm weather is great, but definitely not ready for the REALLY warm weather.
We stay cool by playing in a kiddy pool, splash pad, whatever water we have access too. We have a pond that we swim in on weekends, but if we don't get rain soon, we won't have much of a pond left Sad
DD is spending the night with my mom for the first time tonight, so I'm a little nervous. She's stayed with my SIL once (during a blizzard), but other than that she's only been with us. Hopefully she'll do great since she will have to stay with my mom for a few nights when this baby comes.

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This weekend has been so busy for us. Saturday we went to breakfast with a few of dh's friends from high school. Then to a parade, that lasted almost 3 hours, ugh. Then to a friend's bbq/potluck. Today we did some running around, went to the park and did a bit of yard work. Supposed to be rainy and cold, possibly more snow. Wish we had some sunshine here Sad But I am not looking forward to the hot weather. I realized I will not be going to the fair this year, its one week before I am due, I would be miserable, which is too bad cause my niece is doing 4H this year. Oh well, maybe she will be doing it again next year.

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Busy weekend here too!! Birthday dinner, birthday party (for an 8 yr old), a much needed girls night out, dinner at my parents, and trying to soak up as much sun as I could in between! It is supposed to be around 80 here today, so I will be rushing outside as soon as I clock out from work!
As for cooling off plans, my complex has a pool, and I will be spending as much time as I can in it as soon as it is open! Luckily for my job I am in an air conditioned office all day, so i'll just have to worry about the after work weather...

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With my husband working 12 hour shifts on the weekends, I have a hard time getting anything accomplished with all the kids at home. I don't even have a second to check things online.

I love the nice weather! I am finding I am much much more sensitive to heat this year. It was only 80 something here and I was dying. Usually I love that type of weather.