Solid food VENT!

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Solid food VENT!

I'm so frustrated. Its been over 2 weeks of solid food attempts for us and it seems like VERY little to nothing is getting in. He seems so uninterested and never opens his mouth. I feel like I'm force feeding him at times (but I'm really not! lol)

We've only done rice cereal, and then he had his ear infection so I thought maybe he wasnt feeling good so we stopped for a few days, went back to rice and then today was his 3rd day of bananas. I tried those mainly b/c itwas the only thing we had on hand and I suddenly thought "What if he just doesnt like the rice?" so anyway, same thing with bananas. We try everything to get him to open up. I make silly faces to get him to laugh and open his mouth, I do the race car sounds and the airplane sounds and etc... I feed myself or DH, and still nothing.

Its extra frustrating as DS1 was the exact opposite. From the moment we put him in the highchair and put a spoon in front of his mouth he opened up like a baby bird and ate it all! (and he still eats well, and a LOT lol). I know all kids are different but I'm so frustrated. I feed him in the evening when hes most hungry and drinks 12oz and notta. The 2 days last week when I didnt feed him (I was too frustrated) he was up at 5am, and he normally STTN til 8 or 9. So maybe soemthing is getting into him, or maybe itwas a fluke... I dont know.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off to the grocery store and I'll get some squash and sweet potato and try those. DS1 loved them, maybe I'll have some luck...
I'm sorry if this post is rambly I'm just so frustrated. And of course no matter when I feed him DS1 gets up to no good so I'm either getting up and down to tend to DS1 or I'm yelling at him, which just adds to frustration.

DH tried yesterday and said when he was reclined a bit he ate some more (sort of the same position as when we give him a bottle). Today I tried a different high chair (we have 2) that reclines and even tried him in my arms tonight... again no luck. ARGH. I've gotten ONE tablespoon of food into him ONCE so far... and its been 2.5 weeks... I know its not for nutrition right now and its for fun and to try foods but I'm so frustrated.


I see the dr tomorrow as a follow up to his last appt to make sure his ear infection cleared up ok. He gets shots in a few weeks b/c of his ear infection we delayed them.... anyway.... thanks for reading. Suggestions/support welcome!!! Smile

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try not to get so frustrated , my best friend said that her daughter didn't even become remotely interested in food until she was almost 8 months. besides the primary source of nutrition is Brest milk / formula until they are a year old anyway.

is he just not interested at all? i forget r u nursing or formula? maybe he is just not ready? every baby is different.
i have read some where that if u r nursing the try to associate food with that, and or mix breast milk with the food.

since we r taking a slow approach to solids i have been reading everything i can get my hands on about solid food introduction.

Lilly is really interested in every thing mostly what i am eating. I am not concerned with how much she eats at a sitting, i figure i wouldn't want some one to force feed me.
I plan on using a mixed method of food introduction, because I really like the idea of baby lead weaning but the rest of my family wants a more traditional approach. i give Lilly a few spoon fulls of rice cereal but if she wont take it no big deal, i just let her play with it and explore while i am sitting with her.
I figure so what if she makes a mess as long as she is happy and is getting familiar with food and eating.

maybe take a another couple of days break, just include him at every family meal, but don't give him anything until he shows more interest.

Good luck, we are trying pears tomorrow.

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At this stage baby food is just for practice so I wouldn't worry, just keep trying. Isaiah just finally ate some baby food last night after trying for over a week with no success. I fed him while my older kids were eating so I think that helped in case you are doing what I had been which is trying to feed him when you have time.

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Try not to get too frustrated. He's probably just not ready. And that's okay. Wink

I had zero intentioins of even starting Lio on solids yet, but he reached for my avocado, and it was end game there. And honestly, he'd *only* eat solids all day if I let him. But he likes pureed solids spoon fed to him...and it drives me crazy because DD *never* had purees and would have freaked if anyone tried to spoon feed her. and she never would have preferred food over boob (still doesn't, ha ha). I just have to keep reminding myself that they are totally different people. And that's hard, because I'm always comparing Lio to Halloway.

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I agree with PP. Jsut try not to get frustrated. Max LOVES food. He prefers the boobie above all, but he loves food. Opens wide for baby food and anything else we are eating and he thinks he needs to eat.

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"VCoates" wrote:

I agree with PP. Jsut try not to get frustrated. Max LOVES food. He prefers the boobie above all, but he loves food. Opens wide for baby food and anything else we are eating and he thinks he needs to eat.

Soren was like Max is, so I think Im more frustrated after having one who ate well to one who doesnt. lol
He actually loves squash. I roasted a butternut squash and pureed it and he eats a full icecube serving! which is amazing. lol I guess he just didnt like the rice... or banana... lol... I bought Oatmeal cereal so we'll try that in a bit. Its getting better and I try to feed him earlier when things arent so busy so I can havemore patience ... I know its just forfun and practice and Ikeep reminding myself that. Smile Thanks ladies!

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:lurk: from Sept 2011

I'm glad to see this post! We're in the same boat here. Been casually introducing solids with very little interest/success. (rice cereal, squash, banana, and pear)

Each time, I wait a couple/few days, then try again.

I'm fine with her not eating solids (hey, just for practice) but you're right, it is strange when one kid is so different from another! My DD1 took to solids very quickly.

Added complication is that daycare is pressuring us a bit. Their little spreadsheet says babies at X age are supposed to be getting Y amount of solids, and I've had to remind them more than once that our X age baby is not yet ready for them to give solids!

Anyway, just wanted to comiserate!

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