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when do you ladies start them? I usually do around 5 -6 months. Brinley gets so excited about food now and she's not had anything besides bm. It's so exciting and sad all in one! she's growing too fast Sad Oh and what do you start them out on? Usually rice cereal here, and pears, squash, carrots.

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I'm the same, right around 5-6 months. I didn't do rice cereal with DS1 but I did do the other cereals, I think the first thing was a veggie...can't quite remember

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We waited til after DS1 recovered from his 6m shots to start food. We did rice cereal first, then squash and I think sweet potato. Banana we did near the beginning too I think...

I used this site a LOT with Soren! Love it. Smile

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I started DD1 at 5 months and started with veggies...maybe butternut squash? I make all my babyfood with fresh foods and bm.

This time I will start around 6 months I think since bfing is going so well. I used the wholesomebabyfood site A TON! It was an awesome experience getting to do that and I plan on making my own again. Way cheaper and I think it helped her move into pieces easier since it really tastes the same.

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With dd I started when she could sit up completely unasissted and self feed. Her first food was slices of avocado. I did Baby led weaning though, so she was never given baby foods. She just ate what we ate. I live by the phrase "food before one is just for fun". I'm in no hurry for Lio to start, I hate food poops, lol.

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5-6 months and then we'd try a bit of rice cereal and if they pushed it out instead of swallowing we waited awhile. veggies first. i'm thinking carrots, the grren beans or peas. squashes, sweet potatoes.
i made my own too.