Something nice to know , If you ladies Care to know

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Something nice to know , If you ladies Care to know

Ok I joined this Group called Listia and its like ebay but with points. No money

it has really been a help to me
I dont want to make a long post about it but if you want to know more PM or reply

but here is what I won lately

& this is what came in mail yesterday that i won. They seller was so nice and added a 5th dress new with tags. Yahoo ( this was 4 outfits in the 1 auction ) Pictures for those who are not a on computer


Its really cool and beats paying $10 for a dress.. She left the price tag on them. they were marked down ...
How I got the credits for this I do online surveys when I reach 50 points for this one site i can get a amazon gift card.. I post it on Listia and the cards go for 2100 + credits and i won the dresses for 2200 credits. Even if I spent my own $5 on the amazon gift card which I do sometimes.. its still worth the deal .

Here is the link if you want to try it out and join they start you off with 400 credits
if you want to see if it works for you auction a $3 amazon gift card I seen one go for 1275 credits the other day. its FUN & anything you can think of its being auctioned