soooo slooooowwww

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soooo slooooowwww

I feel like it takes me forever to do ANYTHING! I have been going through the closets, trying to rid some of our clutter, and getting ready for a yard sale. I feel like I shuffle around the house like Ozzy Osbourn LOL I MOVE SO SLOW!!! The heartburn is unreal...can't bend, pee every 5 minutes, hungry but NOTHING sounds good. SHEESH! I've never been anxious for a pg to be over, I usually enjoy it but I'm READY!!! Anyone else?

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I am definitely right there with you. I am counting down....

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I totally with you.

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Very much over it. I don't enjoy being pregnant at all, I don't enjoy being in pain, not being able to move much, constantly dizzy and out of breath, not fun. 10 weeks tomorrow.

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I am moving that way too!! I feel like it takes forever to get one thing accomplished and i hate that!! I am a quick mover normally, so its driving me nuts!