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I took the kids to the library today and had some spotting while there....It was only when I wiped and was less than dime size, but was bright red with some small clot like things in it...Sorry that may be TMI. I called the dr when I got home and they said not to worry unless it was "period type" bleeding. I have been feeling her move but it feels "different" like more faint or something and not near as much. But they told me to rest, eat something and lay down to see if she moved more and she did....but I just can't help but freak out. With all the placenta garbage i've had....ugh. I feel like the dam is breaking or something and I'm just waiting for the "flood" begin. Please pray for me

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Try not to worry (I know it's easier said than done)! I know so many women who have episodes of bleeding that are nothing. Since it was such a small amount, maybe it's an irritated cervix (from DTD?) or something. I'll keep you in my T&P!

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Lots of positive t&ps for you! I'm sure it's also nothing to worry about. Try to rest and dont lift heavy things unless absolutely necesary... Including kids... As hard as that is.

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:confused:take it easy...Hard not to worry, about EVERYTHING. Whens your next OB appointment? I know I always get anxious about a week before, but then when you go in and hear the baby on a Doppler its relaxing. I'm sure you baby is doing fine, sometimes spotting occurs if your active right? Thoughts and prayers for you in the mean time! :bigarmhug:

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thank you ladies, so far so good no more spotting!!!!! YIPPPEEEEE!!!!! So maybe it was just a fluke. I've been put on "pelvic rest" so I know it didn't come from dtd, but could of possibly over done it yesterday with the kiddo's...

My next appointment is the first week of May so not to far off, time is FLYING by!

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YAY for no more spotting. i'm guessing that's exactly what you did was too much with teh kids. probably lifting them up and out of the car. are they big enough that with a step stool they could get into their seat?

T&P's for no more bleeding. HUGS!!

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glad you aren't spotting anymore. take it easy!

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Glad the spotting has stopped. Try and take it easy.

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YAY! So glad the spotting stopped!! Get plenty of rest, and dont over do it! Especially if your on pelvic rest...this is the time you get to be pampered! Let it happen girl!

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I am glad to hear the spotting stopped!!!

Be sure to take it easy Smile

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thank you so much ladies! Another day spot free under my belt!!!! WOOT WOOT and tomorrow a sweet friend of mine from church is coming over to the house and she does EVERYTHING for me! Laundry, kids, cooks, cleans she's my "adoptive mother" lol

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Hope you got a break today! So glad the spotting has stopped.

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