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How are you feeling today?

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Thanks for thinking of me!! Biggrin

I haven't had a baby yet. DARN!!!!

lol. Today was my NST at the hospital. Baby is fine - passed with flying colors. He's just too darn comfy I guess. I've barely had a noticeable contraction today. I think I probably am having mild ones, but I havent noticed... I had ONE whole contraction during the NST monitoring lol. Then I had a busy day with family so I havent been online much.

I'm getting antsy and frustrated and a bit miserable. My mom asked tonight if I was feeling "weary" and I said sure, thats a good word. lol ... I guess my raging hormones doesnt help either. I'm definitely done and not on my game ... at least this afternoon/evening I wasnt. Once family left and I had a quiet house and DS I relaxed a bit - played with DS in the tub and cuddled on the couch before bed, so it was nice. Now I'm doing laundry and a 2nd load of dishes in the washer... I'd say I'm nesting but this has been ongoing and no baby, so IDK what it is. lol.

I want this kid out!!!

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oh hun! i'm sorry! i'm right there with you except i think i've passed that antsy, frustrated stage-- just taking it a day at a time and not getting overly excited over anything-- i've sorta excepted that i may be pregnant for another week. i have NO nesting instinct going on (though, I never have with my others either)-- i'm doing what i have to and that's it, lol.