A Star is born! (Orion's birth story & new pic)

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A Star is born! (Orion's birth story & new pic)

Orion's birth story! (finally!) Some of this will be a recap from another post I made while in labor (although I wasnt sure it was at that point lol)

Monday Aug 8 2011 - Evening
We had a friend over for dinner and once DS was in bed we played a favorite card game for a couple hours. While we were playing, DH made nachos with cheese and we had hot salsa and sour cream with it. I had been having contractions on and off all day. As we played the game, they got more intense and a few times I couldnt sit through them so I had to get up and walk them off. Our friend joked that he was putting me in labor. We called the game early and he left. The contractions got stronger so we called my mom and dad to come and stay at the house with DS and we went to the hospital around midnight. They put me into the assessment room, and while there the contractions died down. I wasnt uncomfortable lying there and I was only 2cm. The doctor told me to go home and relax - and that I would probably see my induction date (the 11th).

Tuesday Aug 9 2011
So we went home and sent my parents home. We texted & called the inlaws, and my MIL joked that if I had him today she would make me rice krispie squares (my favorite, she makes awesome ones). By the time we got back to bed it was 2am. I woke up at 4:22am with a strong contraction. I had to get up and lean on my arm against the wall and rock my hips around to get through it. I tried to go back to sleep and slept on and off until 5:30 am, when I got up and had a few more strong contractions that I had to stand to get through. By 6, I started timing them. For each one I did my "wallflower" routine I just described (DH's term lol) and they were about 4 minutes apart. I came onto the board and posted that post about not knowing if I was in labor or not around 7:30 am. At 8am I was still online and sitting on the couch. I had 3 staggering contractions that made me arch my back and whimper a bit. So I woke up DH and we called L&D - the nurse said I should come in sometime in the next hour or so. I called my mom again and they came back over. Mom was alone b/c Dad had gone to a golf tournament (having thought I was in false labor the night before lol).

When we got to the hospital about 915 am the assessment room was full, so they took me to a birthing suite room that was totally empty and told me that I "wouldnt be staying here long" and put a sheet over the bed (wouldnt even let me get into the bed lol) and wanted to monitor me for 20 minutes. I was 4cm at this point. I said that will be very difficult as I can't stay still or lay down during the contractions. (I was doing my wallflower thing during admission - DH had to answer most of the questions this time for me). They got the heartrate monitors on me and whenever I had a contraction and I stood up or moved, babys heartbeat plummeted to the 60s&70s! :eek: Sometimes it recovered quickly, but many times it didnt and they were concerned.
All of a sudden they were wheeling in all kinds of equipment since they didnt expect to keep me in that room. They started asking more questions about the Csec and my past birth complications. If he didnt recover they were thinking I'd go straight to a Csec. Suddenly it was "my" room! lol
They said they didnt want me standing through the contractions, so I called for my EPI!! At 11:30am I was 5cm and in a lot of pain lol. I had to wait a bit for the epi and got my it around noon. When she came in to do it I was begging to be allowed out of bed to pee - she said I'll have to come back in 25 minutes and I went "Screw it, do it now" lol... I twitched when she poked me with the needle and it bounced back and stabbed her instead. LOL ops. The anesthesiologist was good about it though and we had a laugh. By 12:30 I was between 6-7 cm and feeling good. The nurse commented how different I was - I could laugh and joke and visit with people. I felt great! I wasnt allowed to move off my side because that was the position that kept baby happy and his heartbeat steady and at a good # (130s I think) Then Family came in a few at a time to say hi (my mom was there and DS was at the sitters, and DHs parents were there, my dad was still golfing lol). By 2:30 my contractions were dying off and I was 8cm dilated so they wanted to start pitocin. I got maybe 15 minutes of it before they had to turn it off. Baby boy was NOT impressed with pitocin and his heartrate was dropping all over the place again. at 3:45 I was fully dilated. My dad had just gotten there and was in the room chatting with me and DH about his golf game. He said he shot 51 on the 1st 9 holes and 51 on the 2nd 9 holes, and could I please have the baby at __:51? lol. Then there was a VERY audible "POP" and I looked at the nurse and said Either I just peed or my water broke. Dad high-tailed it out of the room and the nurse checked and said yep, water broke and there is mechonium in it. Baby was not low enough to start pushing, so they let me rest and waited for baby to drop a bit more. At 4:30 I started pushing. Contractions were far apart (a good 5 min) so we had to wait a lot. With each push baby moved lower and the nurse said that I'd definitely have baby vaginally and not by a Csec (remember we were concerned about size because of DS1s birth weight of 9 14). My pushes were good and effective but spaced out! As he got lower and once he started to crown I reached down and felt his head - what an awesome moment! Then the dr came in and then he was crowning and I pushed his head and then his shoulders and he slid out.

Orion Lee was born at 5:52 pm (I tried dad! lol, he swears its 5:51 haha) He was 7lbs even, and 19.25 inches long. Apgar scores of 7 and 9. 7 was because he had a lot of mucus in his lungs from the mechonium. I had a 2nd degree tear. I said jokingly to the dr that as long as it wasnt 20 stitches like last time I was fine. He gave a little smirk and said I think you are close to that this time too. DAMN! lol... Turns out my scar tissue from DS1 tore a lot and so I have a lot of stitches. I did skin to skin as soon as they were done sewing me up. I Bfed the first time a couple hours after birth. I came home from the hospital on Thurs the 11th (Which was my induction day lol)

And Yes - my MIL brought me rice krispie squares once I was home. They were delicious! DH swears his secret to putting me in labor was that the sour cream with the nachos was a few days past its expiration and he didnt tell me. LOL!!! My FIL is into astrology and said the sign for Orions birth date was "Yellow Resonant Star". Fitting I think Biggrin

Fast forward to 9 days later - Orion is a wonderful baby. *knock on wood he stays this way* He goes 3 hours between feedings and sometimes 3-4 hours at night. He is very content and quiet. He is happy to lay in someones arms or his bassinet and look around at everything and take it all in. He has 2 distinctive cries - one for food and one for pain (gas) and everything else is little baby noises and squeaks. He looks a lot like DS1. I'm in love again, and figuring out what it is to have 2 boys I love with all my heart.

Here is a pic from today in the tub.

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Oh Marilyn, he is so handsome...!

It's a great story and very reassuring to know that contractions can begin at 2cm dilation, which is where I'm at...Very encouraging

Sorry you both had a tough time with his heart rate etc...I probably would have freaked for a bit too but glad all went well in the end Smile

Well done! X

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I was 2cm for weeks! Dont worry it will happen! Biggrin

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Good Lord, woman. I am orry you had to go through that. I would have been a nut job.

Orion is so adorable!! I love, love, love his name!!

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Aww, he's such a cutie. Sorry about the scary parts (we went through the heart rate dropping thing too). Glad you got your vaginal birth with an average sized baby! TFS!

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Congratulations on a wonderful baby!

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What a great story! I love he was born so close to your dad's time request Smile

He's very wide eyed and alert in that tub! Does he like them??

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He's just precious!!

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What a great birth story! I'm so glad you got a vaginal delivery instead of a section. Smile

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"KerriWeasel" wrote:

Good Lord, woman. I am orry you had to go through that. I would have been a nut job.

Orion is so adorable!! I love, love, love his name!!

Thanks, we love the name too. (obviously lol). My parents and people of that generation have a hard time with it though. They'll come around. Wink lol

It was actually an easy birth - compared to DS1s. I'd almost call it relaxing, or as relaxing as you can get... lol. I'm just glad it was a vaginal one instead of a section.

"AK2663" wrote:

What a great story! I love he was born so close to your dad's time request Smile

He's very wide eyed and alert in that tub! Does he like them??

Yeah my dad found it amusing. It was funny because my water broke at 3:45 and I said theres no way I'd make 3:51, so I'd try for 4:51. The nurse said I was a 'good daughter' lol. When I missed that I said maybe 5:15 (it had a 5 and a 1 lol) and when I missed that I sorta forgot about it, until after he was born and I looked at the clock and it was 5:55 - I had to ask when he was born and they said 5:52 and I said close enough!

He LOVES the tub - no crying until I took him out and he got cold lol.

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What a wonderful birth story! Congrats to you and your family!

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oh so happy for you hone, congrats again, and I love your baby's name. Glad i got to read your birth story and it turned out not to be a csection.