Stick a fork in me....

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Stick a fork in me....

....because I AM DONE!! I just can't take it anymore. This heat is killing me. I'm cranky and irritable a good portion of the time. People have made comments that I'm more irritable lately. Ya think so??? :violent2:I'm starting to swell and I'm just overall uncomfortable. I know you ladies are right there with me!!

I've got a doctor's appointment and ultrasound on Monday so we'll see how that goes. The only other good thing is I have my work shower tomorrow and then the shower my mom is throwing me on Saturday.

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:bigarmhug: I feel ya!
It will be over soon, but this really has been a loooong Summer. And we still have August to go through.:confused:

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I'm there too, although as much as I hate it I need to make it a few more weeks!

At least we have each other!!

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I hear ya, I am there too. Dh keeps saying less than 2 weeks left. 2 weeks too long! I hurt so bad, this morning was horrible I almost didn't go into work but I did and it got better. I am so done with all the pain. Work wasn't so bad before, just sitting at my desk, but now my legs start hurting, I think the weight is cutting off circulation. I just keep thinking 6 more working days, thats easier to take than 2 weeks.

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Ok, I'm stealing this for my FB status. Smile I SO feel 'ya!!! School needs to start back, summer needs to be OVER, and I need to have a baby like... yesterday!

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Oh I'm with ya!!! I'm so done. 2 weeks cannot come fast enough. LOL...

As for heat - apparently We broke the overall July record EVER for temperature here today. It was damn near 50 degrees C here with the humidity :eek: Google tells me thats 122 F for you guys in the US... so yeah. Hot hot hot!!! Spent the day with a friend and her toddler at the mall in the AC, ate ice cream and hotdogs. lol.