Super excited!

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Super excited!

I think we found a new church home today! This is particurlarly difficult for DH and I as we were raised very differently in this area. We went to a church together for a long time and LOVED the pastor but he moved away and we just didn't like the new pastor and the way the church was heading. For a long time we didn't even go to church and just felt like something was missing.

This new church is a Methodist church and I'm kind of shocked that I really like it actually. I was raised in an Assembly of God/non-demoninational church and was expecting this church to leave me wanting for something but it doesn't! I'm just so happy about this. They have 2 different types of service, their main one is traditional but the one we went to was a bit more contemporary. I think we'll try the more traditional one next time to see how we like that. We had ds with us during the service and I'm hoping that after we've gone for a few times we can take him to Sunday School so he can get what he needs and dh and I can focus on the sermon and praise and worship!

Anyway, just wanted to share my good news with you ladies!

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That's great! It can be so hard to agree on religious/church preferences. DH and I attend two different churches (same denomination) right now and it can be stressful. But we both agree that we need to be in a place that we can serve and be ministered to.
I am glad you found a place that works for you!

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Good for you!

I am in the situation where we aren't going to church right now and it is as if something is missing. I live 45 minutes from the church I grew up in - it is just too far away. I want to find something closer to home to raise DH in but I live in a very rural community and there aren't many to choose from.

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That's great! Finding a place you enjoy can be quite difficult. Our priest just left our church and DH and I have gone to mass twice since then (the end of January) and we just don't like the new priest. So we kind of trying to figure out what to do now too.

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Congratulations! Thats great news! Finding a new church home can be a difficult task. When my DH and I were first engaged he didnt attend church much at all. I invited him to the church I was attending and he didnt care for it much. One day during one of our conversations we discovered that we were both interested in visiting the church we attend now. We decided that we would make that our church home after the attending only one service too. Best decision we ever made.