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Hi Ladies,
With several threads lately on PPD and emotions and people feeling overwhelmed, I just wanted to make a quick post about this.

First, thanks sooooo much to those who have posted about it. From my experience, its a huge step, its scary, and you've done the best thing you can by acknowledging it. Make sure you keep talking to us and professionals and family about how you are feeling. Remember you always have support here, and if the only time you can get a minute to post is at 3AM, then do it!

Secondly, if anyone else is hiding in the shadows with PPD or anxiety or any other pp mood disorder and reading these posts, please make sure you also let us know how things are going so we can support you too.

It can be VERY overwhelming and it really helps to get lots of support and keep talking out how you are feeling each day or each week.

This goes double for marital issues/frustrations... adjusting from an adult couple to family is hard too!

:bighug: to everyone!

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So sweet, Marilyn! Thank you! I love all you ladies, please post any frustrations, etc. We are all here to listen and encourage!

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I can't agree more!!

Posting here is helping me tremendously.

Ppl on here don't look down on you for having a hard time with anything (IMO).

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I agree!!

Please talk to us.

I had a friend who wanted children more than anything and she finally got pregnant with twins. She had to spend the entire pregnancy on bed rest and then had two beautiful little girls. She suffered with PPD and did not tell anyone. When the girls were 5 she committed suicide. No one knew there was a problem.

Please, please, please share with us (especially if you have no one else) and don't let it go that far.

I tell this story not to scare anyone but to show how bad it can get if you don't work on it.

We all love you and so does your family so please take care of it if you have any signs!

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So great to have such caring wonderful ladies here. I agree it is a sanctuary here, as is should be, so let it all out.