Switched midwives

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Switched midwives

So I fired the OB/midwife practice that I was working with today. They are so busy that you have to book all of your appointments 6-8 weeks in advance and if you need to change an appointment, you either end up missing it all together or having to call them every morning to see if they have a cancellation. My DH doesn't get his schedule that far out, so he was going to miss our 20 week ultrasound and when I called to reschedule it, they couldn't get me in until the end of MAY.

I spent the last two days playing phone tag with my insurance company and now I'm all set to deliver at a birthing center that's 10 minutes from my house. It's brand new and all the rooms have gorgeous decor and huge jetted tubs. It's going to end up costing us about $500 less too. I'm so pleased. Smile They also have monthly get togethers with all of their clients that are due in the same month so that you can make friends with moms whose babies are the same age as yours.

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I'd change OB's too if I had to deal with that. Glad you found a new place to go. It sounds like a really nice place. And I really like the idea of the get togethers.

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I'm sooo jealous! I'd love to deliver at a place like that. I hope you like the new MWs!

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that sounds amazing! good luck and I hope the switch works out great for you!

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Wow, that does sound amazing... way to go!

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Sounds like you went from very frustrating to amazing, that was meant to be! I am very jealous too Smile

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that sounds amazing!

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Sounds great!

I definitely would not be happy with the first place you were going to. I am glad you switched.

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oh well sorry you had to switch but it sounds like you will be more happy with your new place/ provider.

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Glad that you switched. Sounds like too much of a hassle. Happy that you found a much better place thats going to save you money too!:)

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Aw yay! it sounds like you made the better choice!! Good luck with the new place!