Swollen left foot

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Swollen left foot

My left foot is pretty swollen. I noticed it a couple days ago. It's quite a bit bigger today, not mongo big but it's big. My right foot onyl appears to be barely swollen, if that. I have no signs of a blood clot or anything but my left foot is starting to hurt. I'm sure it's normal to hurt with swollen feet right? I've never had swollen feet really during pg but I just want to make sure I don't need to go to the ER or something. I have doctors appointment on Monday.

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My hands hurt really bad when they swell, but its weird only one is bad. Hmm have u called ur doc about it?

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My left foot swells worse than my right too. If you're not having any calf tenderness, don't notice any tender/red/warm spots, etc. you're probably fine. I think it's quite common to have one swell worse than the other, but if you're at all concerned, call your Doc. They get paid for it!

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For me it is the opposite...my right one swells and the left does not at all. I just try and drink lots of water and walk and swim and it usually goes down. Hope it stops hurting for you soon.

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I think you should mention the swelling on monday, but I wouldn't be to concerned. My left swells worse than my right. No clue why. HOpe you can put your feet up and relax a little. Biggrin

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Mine hurt terribly when they are swollen. It's normal. And one of mine is always more swollen then the other.

Watch your salt, keep the elevated and ice them. No warm water. If you need to get some compression socks/stalking they will help. Try to stay off your feet as much as possible. Keep them elevated as soon as you sit.

Mention it to your doctor on Monday. I wouldn't make a trip to the ER, unless you feel dizzy, lightheaded or you lose feeling or have severe numbness.

I live with primary lymphedema and I have swelling all the time. It's worse now that I am pregnant. The only shoes I can wear now are a size 10 wide pink crocs...they are pretty sinful to look at, lol.

I'm sorry sweetie! Big 'ol hugs to you.

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Glad I caught this thread - my feet look like they came right out of LA Zoo!

My right foot is more swollen than the left but both look like stumps from the past week Sad

Had my clinic appt on Wednesday and midwife said it's normal - better than she's seen in the past she said...

So guess it's pretty normal...swelling seemed to go down a bit this morning but was back on my feet again cooking dinner and I'm Nutty Professor all over again.

It's almost time!!!


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About two weeks before delivery my right swelled b/c someonewas cutting off circulation. After surgery omg can you say elephant feet!! The compression bands they put on my legs made them look like corrugated cardboard. Lol. Was pretty painful for the first week. Been two weeks and my ankles still swell by the end of the day and are still sore from swelling ... But all getting better. Hang in there!