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Yep, you read that right. Orion has TWO teeth!!!
His first came through on Sunday, the 2nd popped up yesterday. This morning I took a pic, and here it is! They have come in in the same order as DS1s teeth, and he had them before 3m so I'm not surprised he has them already. And man they are sharp buggers!

And his favorite teething toy, his finger!

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Oh Wow, he is a Fast one
You know what they say when they move so fast... making room for another
Candace is Teething ... But im not looking forward to teeth soon ,as she uses my nipples as a teether Sad

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oh wow, I didn't know teeth could come so soon!!:eek:

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Wow. Slow down, Orion! These babies are growing way too fast!

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August babies move fast! Kendra is teething, i think. she is drooling alot and seeks out my fingers to chew on. i havent felt any teeth yet but im pretty sure it will be soon...

By the way, Orion is such a handsome little guy! Smile

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Oh wow!! Look at those cute little chompers Wink
I don't expect we'll have teeth anytime soon, I wouldn't be surprised at all if he doesn't get any until next summer if he is anything like his big brother and sisters

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Wow! Teeth already?! Time is flying!! Mikayla is definitely teething, but nothing has popped up yet...Ryder had his first teeth by the time he was 4 or 5 months, so it looks like his little sister will be following in his footsteps Smile

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Already?! Wow!

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Alex is teething as well! Crazy! He hasn't cut any but I think one will pop through any time now... my others didn't cut teeth or teeth until 12 months!

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I think that Evie is possibly teething. She does this thing where she turns her head slightly to get my nipple in her mouth at an angle. I can't tell if she is chewing or not....

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"Nell4Him" wrote:

I can't tell if she is chewing or not....

Lily is chewing on my right side only and it is not enjoyable!! She is a super drooler so I wonder if we are teething also...jeeze, they are growing so fast!

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Yep, Brinley is teething too!!!! My other two didn't teeth until after 12 months??? What on earth did we eat while pg to make these babies grow up so fast?! lol Cute pics too btw Smile

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