and they just keep getting bigger

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and they just keep getting bigger

my bbs that is. I am usually tiny, 34a, with dd they got to a 34b so I didn't expect them to get any bigger. However, I noticed the other day that my bra seemed too small, so today I bought a nursing bra in a c and it fits, figured that would be better since I know they won't stay this big when I stop nursing, would be nice though.
Anyone else having sudden growth spurts?

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Mine Gets bigger after baby for the most part... i'm a 38dd with baby 38ddd
Yeah that sounds big But ppl look at me and said how ? lol Gotta wear the right Kinda bra... Lane Bryant all day .

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I'm large chested anyway and never really noticed a huge change excepted when I was engorged of course. Hopefully it stays that way!

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I had my biggest change so far at the very beginning of Pregnancy (6 weeks), but it wouldn't surprise me if they get bigger during engorgement.

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yeah the boob thing has been annoying. Before DS1 i was a 36B+, while nursing 38D, after DS1 stopped nursing 36A-.
DS2 36C(this was while nursing) and then after nursing 36A-.
Baby #3, already up to 36/38C and some days i look and go humm the D might be better but its just like wow...already????

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My boobs never changed as much as they did with my first baby. They get pretty big engorged but that's to be expected, I guess.

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Mine got bigger at first but they have platued. I am large anyway and having difficulty finding bras that will fit. The funny part is my bb's look smaller and smaller every day Smile

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I wish I was this big when I wasn't nursing. Right now it's completely hidden by belly:)
I've gotten bigger than I ever was with DS or DD too. I was a 34B+ before DS, 34C during pregnancy then went to a 34 E while BFing. With DD, I BF DS until I was 6 months pregnant, but went back to a 34C after weaning him then only went to a 34D while BFing her.
Now I am a 36C. I can't seem to find a 34 that fits right (the Ds are too small) so I moved up to the 36 and it's fine. Weird how our body can change so much in just a few years.

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Mine have gotten a tad bigger so far, but no huge difference yet. My nippies on the other hand are soo dark and have gotten bigger!! (sorry TMI lol)

Im still in pre-pregnancy bras for now, but i have a feeling im going to hit a growth spurt soon!