For those having boys or second time moms

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For those having boys or second time moms

It's been about 4 years since having my daughter but honestly, I don't remember her being as active as this LO. He is a firecracker!! He'll give me a break every few days and then I worry but for the majority of the time I don't think he even sleeps in there! Lol

Anyone else have a very active LO?

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This one seems a lot more active than dd was, but she was a kicker and thankfully this one isn't...yet. Some days it seems like its nonstop, like right now I am pretty sure today will be one of those days.

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I have 2 boys.
my first DS if i didn't have a belly getting in the way i'd never have known i was pregnant. he very rarely moved.
DS2 on the other hand moved ALL the time.

Baby #3 - this one is super active too.

i just hope that baby #3 takes after DS#2's temperment on the outside. pretty calm and collected.

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This baby doesn't do the crazy all out 'what is going on in there?!' movements yet but he's definitely active. My first son was extremely active, much more than this little guy, right from the start, dh was feeling him on the outside before I was really feeling this LO at all Lol
I don't remember my girls being very active at all, especially my first, but that was 5 and 7 years ago now so maybe I just don't remember it as well?

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My DS (1rst baby) moved a good bit, I guess but the thing about his movements were how rough he could get. DD didn't move much. This baby moves A LOT! but he doesn't hurt like DS did. Smile

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I would say that my DD and this baby (a boy) are about the same. Pretty darn active all the time.

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DS was pretty active but not as active as this boy. I guess it just depends on their personality but I think boys are typicaly more active.

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I had a super active one the first time. I seriously had movement ALLLLL day long every day - and even at night! This one is much calmer and I'm totally loving it!

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Ive got two boys and they were totally more active than this LO... I can't wait till next wed to find out what this one is!!!

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My 1st DD was pretty calm. But this DD is very active. All day just about.