Thought I would share a laugh

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Thought I would share a laugh

Thought I would share - good for a laugh Smile

The Baby Gizmo Annual Survey of Ridiculous Baby Products

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Ha-ha! That was amusing! Although I must say the one that holds their hands during a diaper change could be useful on occasion!

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LOL love it! and i loved the comments of the writer too, thanks for sharing!

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Thats hilarious!! I needed that good laugh today Smile Thanks for sharing!

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Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

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Those are great! Though I must admit I LOVE my Nosefrida and would totally recommend it to everyone. DD screams if you put that syringe bulb thing in her nose. The Nosefrida makes getting boogies out so easy. (And it's IMPOSSIBLE for the snot to get into your mouth, so it's not as gross as it sounds).

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I like the thud helmet and the Daddle. LOL!!!
I'm a bit disgusted at the hanging a baby on the wall thing... who would do that?!

I have a similar nasal sucker though, and as Kilah said, it is awesome. I totally recommend it! DH called it "waterboarding" as we would also squirt a bit of saline in his nose to help loosen the snot, but it works wonderfully. Just a 30 second scream from kiddo, and then hes breathing easily again.

I also think the straight jacket for changing is an interesting idea. We just try to distract with a toy. We have "change table" toys that stay there and we rotate through some toys, so it usually helps keep his attention long enough for a diaper change. DS is definitely a grabber though. DH often tells DS to "Keep your hands off the pecker" ... I'm waiting for DS to start repeating that to him. LMAO.