Thoughts on names

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Thoughts on names


I have told DH that I will not decide on a name until we got home. I want to meet her first and I do not want to be rushed in this decision that we will have to live with for the rest of our lives (all 3 of us). We have had a list going since the beginning but I think we are probably narrowed down to 2 or so. If we meet her and they do not fit then we will go another route but these are our favorites.

Lily Carol
Evan Carol

Lily had been on top of the list for months but then I was watching TV and there was someone named Evanne and I liked it but DH does not like the funky spelling.

Any thoughts?? This is our first time naming someone and there are things that we do not think of like I liked Gertie but a friend said "Turdie Gertie" and DH was pleased that that name had been quickly removed from the list after that. LOL


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Evan to me seems like a boy name, sorry.
Lily i do like.

We do this. we go to teh hospital with 2 or 3 sets of names and then pick one based on what the baby looks like and feels suits which name. works for us.

GL! it is a hard decision.

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Evan reminds me of the actress Rachel Evan Wood!
I think Evan is kinda of androgynous. Evalyn is a little more feminine. But I like both Evan or Lily! I kind of wish I had waited to be official about the name thing, you took the smart road by waiting till you see your little one. Either way you go, it will be special. Unless you name her Facebook. :eek:

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I also think of Evan Rachel Wood. I like both names. Smile

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"Jessica." wrote:

Unless you name her Facebook. :eek:

This made me LOL!!

I like Lily.
I know someone who was sure she was having a boy, and they picked the name Evan. When SHE was born, they changed it to Eveyn and call her Evy for short. It works and suits her. So I really can't argue that Evan is a "boy" name. Biggrin

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I think Evan is too boyish for my taste but that's just my opinion. I like Evelyn instead. And I LOVE Lily. It was on my list if we were havng a girl.

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Try not to stress about the making fun of part of names. Honestly, kids can make a negative rhyme about most all names.

I think both are lovely choices and you will know the right name when it hits you.

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I LOVE Lily! That was on my list, but it was shot down Sad I'm with the others, Evan doesn't make me think girl, but that doesn't mean anything. Whatever you go with will end up fitting her perfectly and you won't be able to see her as any other name. I was in the same boat as you the first time around, and it definitely was a tough decision since its so final.

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Names are so hard!!! I'm a teacher which makes it 100x worse. I teach 80 kids every 5 months. I see a LOT of names and have various associations with many names. Hence why DS is a unique name, and this boy's name is too Wink

Anyway, from the "teacher" standpoint, when I look at a list and see Evan I would assume/expect a boy - however something like Evanne or Eveyn or a different spelling like that would make me think more of a girl - it "looks" more feminine.
This is one of the drawbacks of teaching lol.

And a pp was right - kids will make fun of any name, so try not to let that effect your choice too much.

Anyway, I dont know if that helps you or not. :confused: