Thrush or not? XP

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Thrush or not? XP

How do I tell if baby and I have thrush? His tongue has been white for awhile, not extremely white but it's been like that for awhile. I do have a little bit of pain in the beginning of nursing but nothing like it was before we got Max's tongue clipped. My nips aren't red or purple or cracked or bleeding or anything.

Would I see my pedi or OBGYN about this if I think I have thrush?

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From what I've read about oral thrush, it will be difficult to remove the white stuff from the tongue and it usually will spread to the inside of the cheeks. Does he have any diaper rash? A yeast rash can indicate thrush as well. You could have the pedi check it just for peace of mind. I'm a little paranoid about yeast infections since I had one in my duct with DD1. It was crazy painful while nursing and the stabbing pain continued for about 20 min after each nursing session. I saw my OB for this and then took DD to the pedi to see if she had thrush (she didn't). They told me my nipple was 'shiney pink' vs flesh colored which indicates yeast. (This was in addition to some other symptoms). I keep having twinges in that breast this time and am paranoid about it happening again.

Not sure if this really helps you! I still have a little pain at the beginning of nursing but resolves after let down.

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Thrush usually looks kind of cottage cheesy, not just white color on the tongue. Most babies have whitish tongues from milk.

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My baby had thrush about a month ago. His tongue was completely white, and it also smelled yeasty. He also had a bad diaper rash from the thrush. I thought it was from the milk, but it kept getting whiter and bigger.

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Here's a pic of what thrush looks like. In severe cases it can spread to the roof of their mouth, the insides of their cheeks and even their lips.
Hopefully it's nothing!