Is it time?

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Is it time?

Okay, so TMI warning...

I have been having the BH for about 2 weeks now and they are uncomfortable some of the time and some times I feel nothing from the inside and only know they happen b/c of how hard tummy is. BUT...just now I had one that was uncomfortable and I stood up in the middle of it and the girlie parts felt (not by me touching but from the inside) that they were contracting...hard as a rock feeling, like maybe a super strong kegel (stronger than I could ever do). Would not have thought I could put a finger in there it was so tight. Sorry, do not know how else to explain.

Anyway, anyone else have anything like that? If so, did labor come shortly thereafter. I work (and am at work now) 5 min from Dr. and hosp but I live 45 min so would hate to leave only to come right back.


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My guess is that your body is gearing up and those contractions are probably putting more pressure "down there". Hopefully it's a good sign you'll be having her soon!

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Yeah, i would say it's a pressure thing. GL! Hopefully soon!

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Not much going on "down there" today but lots of hard as a rock belly BH. Staying on my feet and walking and doing chores as much as I can. Smile

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I havent been pregnant this long before and holy hell I can tell you there is a LARGE difference between 37, 38 and 39 weeks in terms of pressure/pain in your pelvic area!

I hope its starting something for you!